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How We Got Loud, Episode 11: Mark Gander Of JBL Professional

Veteran of more than four decades with the company in a wide range of roles, including working with many of the largest sound companies of the late '70s and early '80s.

In Episode 11, host Chris Leonard is joined by Mark Gander, who spent 41 years with JBL, where he served in a number of roles that include Applications Engineer, VP of Marketing, VP of Engineering, and most recently, Director of JBL Technology. He’s also known as the company’s historian and is often simply called “JBL GURU.”

In the host’s opinion, Mark was one of the most influential and centrally connected people when it comes to loudspeakers, working with many of the largest sound companies in the world. He was directly responsible for marketing, product development, and connecting companies like Clair Bros, Maryland Sound, ShowCo, Stanal Sound, A1 Audio, Schubert Systems, and many more in the late ’70s and early ’80s. It was a time when all sound companies built their own property systems.

Mark has a very unique perspective on our history because he was at the center of the live sound industry. Sound companies needed a symbiotic relationship with a speaker manufacture to develop, engineer, and design their systems. Mark Gander was the catalyst of that for JBL.

Presented by veteran audio professional Chris Leonard (also a co-host of the Signal To Noise podcast on PSW), How We Got Loud features stories about the people, technology and passion that built the history of live sound. Go here to access all episodes.

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