Hammer & Anvil Launches Line Of HDSLR Audio Equipment

Hammer & Anvil announces the release of three new professional microphones – the Professional Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone, the Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone and the Directional Condenser Microphone – and two new professional Two Channel Audio Mixer Adapter models.

The microphones and audio mixers are designed for any audio needs of the imaging community, Hammer & Anvil’s latest models deliver in all facets, including digital scribing, studio or location recording, multimedia integration or casual home use.

All new Hammer & Anvil products are now available from Adorama.

H&A Professional Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone (HAAMKENG600)
The Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone features an extended 15-inch tube length with a narrow, highly directional supercardioid polar pickup pattern that separates sound directly in front of the camera from unwanted off-axis sound. It is specially designed for capturing clear dialog in broadcast and film recording, ENG (electronic news gathering), theater and sound design settings.

With a direct-coupled, balanced output, the Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone grabs a clean signal even in conditions of the highest output. Great for shooting on the go, the mic can be powered with a single AA battery. Its suspension shock mount has a built-in shoe for camera mounting and a ¼x20 thread for attaching the microphone to stands, booms, brackets and grips. By minimizing wind and handling noise, the Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone is the ideal solution for professionals looking for a reliable dialogue-capturing microphone.

The Hammer & Anvil Professional Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone (HAAMKENG600) is available now for 139.95 USD from Adorama.

H&A Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone (HAAMKSLR300)
Its unique supercardioid pickup pattern makes the Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone perfect for live music recording. By isolating the live sound and eliminating undesirable noise from the sides and rear, it delivers a clear signal to any DSLR camera, camcorder or audio recorder. It connects directly to DSLR cameras and camcorders through a 3.5mm stereo mini-pin jack or XLR3 pin cabling.

The Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone’s integrated floating shock-mount stabilizes the microphone onto any camera accessory shoe while suppressing handheld camera handling and vibration noise from the recording device. It is both compact and lightweight for optimal use with stands, booms, brackets and grips with a ¼”x20 thread and has three gain settings (-10dB, 0dB and +10dB) to help adjust the sound-capturing level in any condition, close-up or long shot, while a bass roll-off switch cuts any low-frequency noise. The best option for longer days in the field, the Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone runs on one 9-volt battery that can be used for approximately 100 hours. This model includes a foam windscreen and a “dead kitten” cover to deflect and shield wind and pop from vocals during taping footage.

The Hammer & Anvil Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone (HAAMKSLR300) is available now for 110.00 USD from Adorama.

H&A Directional Condenser Microphone (HAAMKSLR100)
By concentrating on the live sound in front of a camera, the Directional Condenser Microphone virtually eliminates all ambient sound. It gathers a clear signal for top output on DSLR cameras, camcorders and audio recorders. Hooking up to a DSLR camera or camcorder is easy – connect to the microphone’s 3.5mm stereo mini-pin jack and mount onto the camera’s hot shoes. The Directional Condenser Microphone’s incorporated shock mount takes care of any camera vibration and reduces noise from autofocus lenses before it can reach the sensitive microphone capsule.

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For on-the-go recording work, this model features a versatile and compact body with optional mounting via a ¼x20 thread to stands, booms, brackets and grips. With two essential accessories included – a foam windscreen and a “dead kitten” cover – the Directional Condenser Microphone captures sound where it is needed without letting in unnecessary background noise.

The Hammer & Anvil Directional Condenser Microphone (HAAMKSLR100) is available now for 39.95 USD from Adorama.

H&A Two Channel Audio Mixers (HAAMXSLR100 and HAAMXSLR200)
Hammer & Anvil Two Channel Audio Mixers are the portable sound solution for blending signals from two audio sources. The XSLR100 features standard mini-jack inputs for digital filmmakers who produce media on modern DSLRs, camcorders, and digital recorders with a stereo mini (18” / 3.5mm) microphone output and want to mount via a camera shoe base, while the XSLR200 is designed to blend signals from two audio sources via XLR inputs. Both mixers can sustain microphones, wireless microphone receivers and preamplifiers, and can line-level other audio mixers including smartphones.

These compact audio mixers from Hammer & Anvil can perform many essential tasks in mastering signal distribution. They both have two selectable audio outputs – mono and stereo – which are mixed with the stepless trim knob controls. The audio’s wide dynamic range and freedom from distortion is assured by the mixers’ passive circuitry, requiring no batteries or power source. The XSLR100’s tough aluminum body chassis is designed to support shoe mounted accessories, giving all image makers the power of a sophisticated mixer right in the field. The larger model XSLR200 features an easy mount ¼-20 socket and a tough rubberized body frame, making it right at home in the wild or on the street.

The Hammer & Anvil Two Channel Audio Mixer, models HAAMXSLR100 and HAAMXSLR200, are available now for 69.95 USD and 119.95 USD, respectively, from Adorama.


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