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Gemini LSV Rolls Out New EAW Adaptive System In Dallas

Big City Bash at the Gexa Pavilion reinforced with Anya modules, Otto subwoofers and KF740 line arrays for outside fills.

Texas-based Randy Rogers Band recently headlined the Big City Bash at the Gexa Pavilion reinforced by Gemini LSV’s new Adaptive System from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).

Country stars Jason Isbell, Whiskey Myers and Sunny Sweeney also performed at the event.

The Gexa Pavilion serves the greater Dallas area providing 7,500 covered seats and 10,000 lawn seats for music fans. 

The Gemini team provided 24 Anya modules, hung in left-right array columns made up of 12 modules each, and 24 Otto subwoofers, stacked 3 x 4 under each column on the stage.

Outfill was handled by two arrays made up of eight KF740 line array enclosures. Three KF730s were used for front fill.

“I was incredibly impressed with both the sound quality and the consistent coverage,” says Tim Cain, owner of Gemini LSV. “There was no notable difference in the SPL from the lip of the stage all the way out to the fence behind the lawn seats.”

Cain also noted that “the transition from Anya to the KF740s was seamless—the new voicings that EAW rolled out for the KF Series sound terrific.”

Marty Weir, front of house engineer for Randy Rogers, adds, “I had gone to the Tom Petty sound check events last fall and had the opportunity to try it out, but this was my first time at a show. I don’t think I even scratched the surface of what it can do. I’ve done at least six or seven shows at Gexa with three or four different PAs and this was by far the best I have heard the venue sound. The coverage alone was amazing.”

“The amount of low end that Anya provides is very impressive,” he continues. “We used Otto in cardioid mode with a wide throw to fill the outsides of the venue, but with as much power as you get out of Anya, we didn’t need very much.”

Cain adds that the front of house engineers for each band were excited to use the new system and have the opportunity to put it to use. “Everyone went out of their way to tell me how much they liked the PA,” he concludes. “This is a terrific addition to our inventory.”

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