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Focusrite RedNet Bridging For New Audio Suites At 72andSunny In LA

Creative company's workflow depends on unfettered connectivity in the creative suites, with RedNet Dante interfaces meeting that need

Two of the three new audio mixing and editing suites at the Los Angeles office of creative company 72andSunny are outfitted with RedNet Dante network interfaces from Focusrite.

California-based MW Audio Visual handled the project as part of the design and installation of 13 new uncompressed-4K video editing suites at the facility.

72andSunny clients include leading brands such as Google, Samsung and Activision, with a workflow that depends on unfettered connectivity in the creative suites. The two RedNet 4 eight-channel mic preamps and RedNet 5 Pro Tools HD bridge interfaces implemented on this project meet that criteria.

“The moment we completed the edit bays, work began for ESPN, Starbucks, Samsung and other major clients,” says Michael Warren, president of MW Audio Visual.

One of the new audio suites is a cinema post-production and mixing studio, offering a JBL 4722 cinema monitoring system and a Panasonic Laser projector. A second studio, used for recording and mixing, uses the same Avid S6 console and Pro Tools HDX system as the cinema studio. Flanking the suites are two voice-over booths.

“The client wanted to be able to route any audio from either studio or either booth to any other location, instantly,” Warren explains. “There is a RedNet 5 in the console rack in each studio and a RedNet 4 in each V-O booth, with a digital snake attached to the DB25 inputs of the RedNet 4 units. These are also connected, via shielded Cat-6 cabling, to Cisco switches that we have in each control room, V-O booth and rack. So we can matrix the audio from anywhere to anywhere, through the RedNet units.”

In fact, he adds, 72andSunny can send its audio anywhere in the world from there, through a sharable SAN that connects its entire campus and out to any other location via the Internet.

“This is the new face of media workflow,” he says. “People are creating content for television, cinema, online — it doesn’t matter. It’s all about their ability to connect with each other and share the process, between rooms, across a campus, or globally. Like Apple or Google, 72andSunny is a campus-driven company. Connectivity is crucial. And systems like RedNet give them the connectivity they need.”

MW Audio Visual

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