Eminence Introduces Alpha 3-8 Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker Driver

Specifically designed for tight fitting line array and column array applications

Eminence has introduced the Alpha 3-8, a versatile compact full-range driver specifically designed for tight fitting line array and column array applications.

With a program power rating of 60 watts, the 3-inch driver utilizes an 8.3-ounce ferrite magnet in conjunction with an internal neodymium bucking magnet for increased sensitivity and extends the response out to 20 kHz.

The highly pressed cone sandwiches paper with a layer of water-resistant polypropylene for increased stiffness and lower distortion.

“Put eight of these in a column and pair it with a subwoofer for a large sounding system with a very small footprint.” says Jerry McNutt, Eminence product design manager. “With the internal neo magnet acting as a shorting ring, the Alpha 3’s response is extended to the point you don’t need a tweeter.”

Available in 8 ohms, the Alpha 3 offers a stated senstivity spec of 88.6 dB and a usable frequency range of 150 Hz – 20 kHz.

MAP: $14.99

Eminence has

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