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EAW Unveils Proprietary Resolution Software For Line Array Systems

Currently supports a multitude of EAW line array products, with new products to be added on a regular basis

EAW has launched Resolution, a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software. Driven by proprietary FChart acoustics modeling software, Resolution offers significant enhancements by utilizing measured 3D acoustic data to accurately predict performance within a specified venue. 

Nathan Butler, EAW principal engineer, states, “EAW Resolution is extremely powerful and user-friendly, uses accurately measured acoustic data, performs real-time load analysis on each mechanical junction, and most importantly, displays the results in an easy-to-interpret manner.”

Resolution allows users the ability to calculate the mechanical load of the array along with the acoustic interactions that occur with a multiple array setup. Environmental conditions, such as user-defined temperature and humidity, can also be factored into the calculations.

Further, real-time mechanical analysis is done on each loudspeaker enclosure and flybar to precisely display force limitations based upon the user-entered mechanical design factor. Arrays of EAW loudspeakers can be entered manually or created with embedded auto designer.

Easy-to-read venue views include side and top-down orientations, complete with zoom capability, allowing the user to easily comprehend the results. Output levels are displayed by varying color using a variety of methods, including 1/3-octave and broadband SPL, A and C weighted.

The direct SPL level and actual frequency response at any point in a venue can also be viewed. Users can print reports, as well as store and recall venue and array settings with just a click of a mouse.

Currently, EAW Resolution supports a multitude of EAW line array products, including the KF740, KF730, KF737, KF760, KF761, NTL720, JFL118 and JFL210. Further enhancements will be made to the software in the coming months, with new products being added on a regular basis.

Once installed, Resolution is easily and automatically updated by using the data files available from the EAW website. The software is currently available as a free download at

Resolution software showing the display for a KF740 array with a frequency response plot of a location within the venue.

Resolution software, showing the display for an NTS250 subwoofers array in a cardioid configuration.

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