DirectOut Partnering With Vivivaldy For Uncompressed Audio Transmission Over Public WAN Connections

Driven by the success of the first "Lockdown Rock" projects, the companies decided to join forces and create an "out-of-the-box" approach.
Vivivaldy CEO Luca di Chio (left) and DirectOut product manager Luca Giaroli.

DirectOut has announced a collaboration with the Italy-based team of Vivivaldy to establish a tailored service for uncompressed audio transmission over public WAN connections.

Driven by the success of the first “Lockdown Rock” projects, which allowed artists and audio professionals to work together remotely in real-time, the companies decided to join forces and create an “out-of-the-box” approach.

Luca Giaroli, product manager at DirectOut, states, “Our products deploying RAVENNA technology have already proven their worth in remote production and broadcast environments. Since the constraints of the pandemic have forced large parts of the audio industry to shut down their businesses, we were thinking about lowering the entry-level of this technology for the pro audio industry. For the first Lockdown Rock project we started this late spring, we gained Vivivaldy as a very skilled and reliable partner for this exciting challenge.”

Based in Milan, the Vivivaldy IT team comes with a pro audio background and provide support and consultancy for IP infrastructures, data transport, backup technologies, cloud computing services and much more.

Luca di Chio, CEO of Vivivaldy concludes: “DirectOut got in touch with us with the idea to enable audio engineers in the pro audio business to make use of existing IP infrastructures, using standard internet connections, even though they are no IT experts. Our goal is to make these clients self-sufficient in using wide-area network transmissions with low latency and maximized reliability.”


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