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Countryman A Great Fit For MGM Grand

Audio quality and consistent performance attributes make Countryman mics and DI's an outstanding choice.

As the third largest hotel in the world and the largest hotel resort complex in the United States, the MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the true cornerstones of Las Vegas entertainment.

With its broad assortment of clubs, conference centers, and arenas, the MGM Grand is one of the most in-demand venues for entertainment of all types.

To ensure the best audio performance at its many events, Countryman microphones and direct boxes (DI’s) are in regular use.

Jerome Lee, an audio specialist/instructor for Rhino Staging and Event Solutions is routinely involved in the behind-the-scenes technical aspects for many types of events that take place at the MGM Grand.

As a professional musician and audio engineer, Lee’s experience has made him a fan of Countryman’s E6 Omni Earset microphones as well as the Type 85 Direct Box, both of which he deploys regularly.

“I use Countryman equipment for both corporate conferences as well as music performances that take place on the property” says Lee. “I’ve used Countryman mics at the MGM Conference Center in both ballrooms and the smaller meeting rooms.

“I’ve also used the company’s equipment for a variety of music projects at locations such as the MGM Studio 54 and, of course, the MGM Grand Garden Arena.”

Lee reports the Countryman Type 85 direct box is his go-to solution with many of the musical acts that appear at the MGM property.

“As one who has first-hand experience with the Countryman Type 85 direct box, I can attest to its great audio quality and rugged construction,” Lee says. “As a performing bassist, when I would patch myself into any P.A. system using the Type 85, my tone was always huge and brilliant.

“As an audio technician, I’ve used the Type 85 direct box at MGM Grand in support of many great music groups that have performed there. The Type 85 delivers a clear and clean signal that’s reliable and dependable. I’ve mixed a good deal of shows using these boxes and they always help me provide the best possible audio for each event.”

In addition to his fondness of the Type 85 DI, Lee also says the Countryman E6 Omni Earset microphones are a favorite at the MGM Conference Center.

“The Countryman E6 earset microphones are used often upon request by various corporate clients seeking to hold events on the property,” Lee explained. “When the E6’s are requested, it shows me that Countryman earset microphones are already the right tool for the job because of their proven quality and reputation.

“The E6’s excellent gain before feedback ensures plenty of level and great, consistent sound quality. When I outfit a presenter with a Countryman earset microphone, they always find it comfortable because of its ability to be adjusted so precisely.

“The mic’s comfortable, secure fit gives the presenter a feeling of confidence, and this enables them to focus on their presentations.”

As he prepared for the next series of scheduled projects, Lee offered these final comments, “My experience with Countryman products has been really positive. For both live and recorded events, I find Countryman to be among the very best equipment in the audio industry.

“I’ve used Countryman products for many years and, whether the job involves the spoken voice or music, the audio is always delivered clearly and distinctly.”


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