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Coming Up This Week On Practical Show Tech: In-Ear Monitors, Comms & Self-Miking

Practical Show Tech Webinars

Practical Show Tech (PST) is presenting four live webinars this week, including a focus on in-ear monitors this (Monday) evening, two sessions on comm technologies on Wednesday and Friday, and a discussion about “self-miking” on Friday.

“In-Ear Monitors: History & Overview With Marty Garcia Of Future Sonics” (PST Episode 63), scheduled for Monday, June 8 beginning at 8 pm U.S. Eastern time, will feature the founder of Future Sonics talking about the history of in-ear monitoring, single- versus multi-driver designs, hearing projection and more. Register here.

“Riedel Logic & GPIO” (PST Episode 64) on Wednesday, June 10 beginning at 12 pm U.S. Eastern time. will see Pete Ersking doing a “deep dive” on both of these Riedel Communications technologies in a “Lunch With Pete” session. Register here.

“Innovations In Theater Intercom” (PST Episode 65) on Friday, June 12 beginning at 1 pm U.S. Eastern time will have James Schaller and Vic Lombarding discussing recent technologies and workflows in intercoms applied to theaters and auditoriums. It will also include a focus on LQ IP interfaces, the Agent-IC mobile app, HelixNet digital partyline and Freespeak II. Register here.

“Self-Miking: Can This Really Be A Thing?” (PST Episode 66) on Friday, June 12 beginning at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time includes guests Yvonne Ho and Mac Johnson of Point Source audio joined by Richard Stockton (audio event and systems engineer with the Arizona Cardinals) to do a deep dive into the company’s technology to help audio teams enable their talent to mic themselves properly. Register here.

The entire upcoming schedule of Practical Show Tech webinars is here.

Practical Show Tech (PST)

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