Cadac To Debut CDC Console Software And MegaCOMMS Devices At PLASA Focus

Cadac is debuting CDC Console Software V3.01 in the UK at PLASA Focus, alongside the new CDC MC Optical Bridge and the CDC MC AES3 Stagebox.

CDC Console Software V3.01 includes a range of new features and performance enhancements for the Cadac CDC six and CDC eight live sound production consoles; the outcome of Cadac’s on-going CDC development program, driven by customer feedback and our desire to exceed the expectations of a rapidly evolving live sound market.

One of the major features found in V3.01 is custom fader layers, or CFL. The current implementation allows the engineer to create a user definable layer, or group, of any mixture of inputs, buses, VCAs and monitor faders, which can then be accessed by faders on the right hand bank.

Each CFL can be named and color coded. Members of the CFL are selected by dragging and dropping from the relevant input, bus etc. page on the large 23.5-inch screen. Assess to the CFL is done via the 6.5-inch system control screen, and the CFL display can be viewed and edited on the screen by assigning it to one of the hardware user assignable buttons. The set-up is intuitive and the custom fader layers provides a convenient and fast way to access the users most important channels, aiding the overall work flow.

Other key features of V3.01 include the option to create a personal library for EQ, effects and dynamics settings which can be stored on the console, as well as uploaded to a USB key.

Richard Ferriday, Cadac’s Sales and Marketing director, summarizes,

“CDC six has fast been gaining a reputation for industry-leading latency and audio quality. We have been working in conjunction with many leading sound engineers and system techs for the last 12 months, developing this latest update of CDC software. Now with the enhanced feature set represented in V3.01, CDC six offers a complete set of tools to the discerning audio professional. However, it doesn’t stop here – we will continue to push the boundaries and will be making further advances in the coming nine months. 2016 is going to be a defining year for Cadac.”

The new CDC MC Optical Bridge and CDC MC AES3 Stagebox add further levels of flexibility to the MegaCOMMS network. MegaCOMMS is already features a low latency networking protocol, with a total through-system propagation delay, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions of 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 0.4 milliseconds.

The 1U CDC MC Optical Bridge allows 128 channels of 24-bit / 96 kHz of MegaCOMMS audio to run on an optical cable for up to a distance of 2 km (6,561 feet) with a latency of 0.02 milliseconds. This distance is from bridge to bridge, but a further run of up to 150m on RG6 coaxial from the bridge to the console or stagebox, or even another CDC MC Optical, can be added. The unit has four pairs of MegaCOMMS ports – transmit and receive – with a duplex optical multi-mode / single mode LC port per pair, allowing up to 512 channels of audio to be transmitted. Each of the MegaCOMMS pair is independent allowing flexibility in its application.

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The 2U CDC MC AES3 Stagebox provides a total of 18 AES3 inputs / outputs via four, 25-way D-Sub connectors and two XLR connectors, making a total of 36 audio inputs and outputs. All of the inputs, which are transformer isolated, and outputs have SRC on a connector to connector basis; 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz (192 kHz on inputs only) with conversion to 96 kHz. The unit can also be synchronized with an external Word clock (3V3 and 5V0), AES11 or via its own internal clock.

“These new products are a great addition to our current range of MegaCOMMS units, which include stageboxes and the CDC MC MADI and MC Dante network bridges,” says Ferriday, “With the flexibility of the MC Router, combined with the incredible latency figure for the network, plus the audio performance and ease of use of our consoles, we believe we have something quite unique to offer the professional audio market.”


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