Beyma Professional Debuts New 6CX200Nd Coaxial Loudspeaker Driver

Beyma Professional has introduced a new coaxial unit designed for demanding professional applications where low space and restricted volume is a requirement.

The new Beyma 6CX200Nd is a 6.5-inch coaxial driver providing extended low frequency response via its LF unit that offers very high power handling (200 watts AES) and exceptional sonic quality in the mid range.

This new driver has been designed using Beyma´s latest research, such as MMSS technology, which helps attain a completely linear and symmetric behavior of the mobile assembly, even in longer displacements.

In addition, the use of a CONEX spider, which is a fireproof material, makes the 6CX200Nd able to withstand extreme power conditions (in mechanical and thermal terms), which also helps in increasing the useful life of the driver.

The HF unit is based on a compact compression driver with a lightweight Mylar diaphragm and a 1.75-inch voice coil, delivering highly linear response and very low harmonic distortion levels.

Both units have been combined and optimized, and thanks to the design of a common magnetic circuit for both LF and HF units, the 6CX200Nd features very low weight and depth (85 mm mounting depth).

Technical Specifications::
– 200 W AES power handling capacity for LF unit
– 40 W AES power handling capacity for HF unit
– High sensitivity: 92 dB (LF) and 102 dB (HF)
– Low Resonant frequency: 65 Hz.
– Extended controlled displacement: Xmax ± 5.1 mm.
– Extended mechanical displacement capability: Xpp 18 mm.
– CONEX spider.
– Designed with MMSS technology (Mechanical Mirror Suspension System)
– Common Neodymium magnet system for both units.
– Low weight (1,9 Kg.)
– Low mounting depth (85 mm.)

For more information on Beyma technology developments, see the company’s recent white paper: Insights On Loudspeaker Moving Assemblies

The new Beyma 6CX200Nd coaxial driver (Click to enlarge)

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