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BASSBOSS Selected For Main Stage At Global Spin DJ Expo

Company to provide AT312 powered loudspeakers with ZV28 and VS21 “Rum Punch” subwoofers at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

BASSBOSS will provide the sound system for the Main Stage at the second annual Global Spin DJ Expo (GSDJE), to be held in New York City this Saturday, September 17th.

Held at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street), GSDJE is designed to provide an opportunity for DJ community to come together and share in a variety of educational opportunities, including celebrity Q&As, master classes, and technology demos.

The expo’s main stage will play host to DJ performances throughout the day and offers an opportunity for attendees to experience the BASSBOSS powered loudspeakers and subwoofers.

With an audience ranging from hobbyists to professional DJs and top industry players, BASSBOSS president David Lee wanted to design a system for the GSDJE Main Stage that would demonstrate to the capabilities of the BASSBOSS loudspeaker ecosystem.

“We want to simulate experience of being in one of the many BASSBOSS-equipped clubs around the country right here in the Metropolitan Pavilion,” Lee says. “That experience is characterized by incredible sound that you can feel deep in your bones but that still retains the clarity and musicality afforded by our superior designs.”

The Main Stage system will include 2 AT312 powered loudpeakers, 4 ZV28 powered subwoofers, 3 VS21 “Rum Punch” subwoofers, 4 DV8 powered Micromains, 3 DJ112 powered monitors, and 2 SV8 Powered Micromains, demonstrating the wide range of options and configurations possible within the BASSBOSS product line.

“We’re very glad to have an opportunity to showcase our diverse offerings and their ability to integrate with one another for the perfect sound in any environment,” Lee adds. “And of course since all BASSBOSS speakers are active, setup and breakdown will be a breeze.”

GSDJE will provide an opportunity for many industry professionals to hear the recently launched SV8 Micromains and VS21 “Rum Punch” subwoofers for the first time. Having recently made a splash at the 2016 DJ Expo in Atlantic City last month.

The VS21 “Rum Punch” sports BASSBOSS’s latest innovations in cabinet design, achieving a balance of low end that is both impactful and full-bodied, while the versatile SV8 can be used as a full-range main for studio monitoring and small gigs, or as a satellite main speaker when combined with a subwoofer.

“I’m extremely proud of these designs and can’t wait to share them with the expo attendees,” Lee says. “They are already taking off with a lot of our clients and we expect more and more clubs, integrators, and DJs to be asking for them by name before long.”

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