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The scene at Tulua Nightclub and Cocktail Bar in Cincinnati, which is outfitted with a system utilizing BASSBOSS loudspeakers and subwoofers.

BASSBOSS Makes A Difference At Tulua Nightclub In Cincinnati

Downtown entertainment destination hosting a steady slate of DJ performances equipped with new system incorporating six DiaMon loudspeakers joined by two SSP218 subwoofers.

Tulua Nightclub and Cocktail Bar, an entertainment destination in downtown Cincinnati, OH that hosts a steady slate of DJ performances, has been equipped with a new sound reinforcement system incorporating six BASSBOSS DiaMon loudspeakers joined by two SSP218 subwoofers.

“Back in the day, the first time I heard BASSBOSS, I worked at a club in a 20,000-square-foot building,” says Daniel Newell, co-owner of Tulua Nightclub. “We were having issues with sound, and then we replaced three of the dual 18-inch cabinets with VS21 powered subwoofers and it just brought the place to life. That’s what sold me on BASSBOSS.”

Newell notes that the new system has significantly enhanced the experience for its patrons. “We wanted something that was going to be different from every other bar and club we’ve seen in town. BASSBOSS fit the bill. The DiaMon tops were the perfect fit aesthetically, but I was skeptical about the amount of output they would create. I really didn’t think that they would be as loud as they are!”

He points to the subwoofers specifically, stating, “the lower frequencies you don’t feel from an off-the-shelf subwoofer. You really feel it in your chest and from the vibrations of the building. It’s the wildest thing, things outside the building are rattling! It shows the frequencies that go down to levels you can’t even hear, but you can feel.”

Newell concludes, “Pretty much every club DJ just takes it to the extreme level. I’ve worked in clubs for 15 years and I’ve seen speakers failing on a weekly basis, speakers going out, amplifiers blowing, having to change out woofers, you name it, I’ve seen it. With BASSBOSS, you can push them right to the extreme — and they just keep going. We haven’t had any issues so far, and we push them seven days a week. BASSBOSS is on another level.”


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