Ashly Audio Products New User-Controllable Via iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone & iPad Touch

Now compatible with Key Digital's Compass Control Technology

Ashly Audio has announced that all of its processors and amplifiers with Ethernet or RS-232 control capability are now compatible with Key Digital’s Compass Control Technology, which allows end-user control from Apple’s ubiquitous iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch wireless devices.

Because many users already own these devices, offering user control via Apple’s wireless iOS products is both cost-effective and convenient.

The Ashly Audio products that integrate with Compass Control include the ne24.24M modular matrix processor as well as the ne4400, ne4800 and ne8800 processors. Also included are Protea 3.6SP & 4.8SP processors, ne800, ne1600, ne2400, ne4250, & ne8250 amplifiers, nXe & nXp amplifiers, and all Pema integrated processor/amplifiers.

“In this age of highly integrated A/V systems, we at Ashly Audio are excited to be able to give our customers yet another means of controlling their pro sound equipment via Compass Control and Apple iOS devices,” states Ashly CEO Mark Wentling.

Adds Michael Lakhter, VP of sales for Key Digital, “Resulting from cooperative efforts between Ashly and Key Digital, the integration of its audio products within the Compass Control environment represents a powerful and user-friendly comprehensive solution delivering iOS-based control and entertainment functionality. The Compass Alliance Partners have come together to create a system that has full-driver integration already completed, increasing efficiency for integrators.”

Ashly Audio

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