AMS Neve Announces New 1073SPX-D Audio Interface

Latest addition to the company's outboard lineup merges the 1073 preamp with a digital interface offering USB and ADAT connectivity.
The new 1073SPX-D audio interface from AMS Neve.

AMS Neve has announced the debut of the new 1073SPX-D interface, the latest addition to its outboard lineup that merges the company’s 1073 preamp with a digital interface offering USB and ADAT connectivity.

The 1073SPX-D combines class-A circuit design with AD/DA conversion technology derived from the company’s range of converters. Its digital interface is designed to cater to a variety of workflows. Musicians can connect it directly to a PC/Mac, streamlining the process with a “plug & play” setup. Additionally, the 1073SPX-D acts as an ADAT audio expander for existing audio interfaces, allowing home studio users to integrate a complete 1073 channel strip into their workflow.

“The 1073SPX-D is a natural evolution of our analog and digital circuit designs,” says Robin Porter, chief engineer at AMS Neve. “After extensive research, it became clear that there was no single device that can handle both the analog processing and digital conversion capabilities that the 1073SPX-D now offers in a single rack-mount unit.

“Now, small home studio setups, or artists on the road can access the famed 1073 sound directly from their desktop or laptop computer, without the need for additional equipment. When our team began development of the 1073SPX-D, a no compromise approach to circuit design was applied throughout, ensuring that the 1073SPX-D remains true to the Neve name, and delivers the sound quality that our customers demand.”

— Complete 1073 Channel Strip in 1U 19-inch rack format
— Class-A circuit design
— New transformer balanced DI for Marinair harmonics for all instruments
— Offers balanced Inserts, metering, output fader and more
— 192 kHz and 24-bit AD/DA conversion to complement the 1073 analog circuitry
— Plug-and-play connectivity via class compliant USB connection
— ADAT to USB integration enables I/O expansion
— ADAT expansion mode
— DIGI I/O routing for using the 1073 as a hardware insert in a DAW
— Multiple DAW monitoring pathways
— Monitor blend feature for custom latency-free monitoring capability
— Headphone amplifier to drive any vintage or modern headphone set

The 1073SPX-D is available to order from dealers, with many units already in stock. Price is £2,295 or $2,995.

AMS Neve