April 13-17, 2024

Las Vegas, NV

Lectrosonics Introduces New DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Wireless Transmitter

Provides a selection of features, RF power, sound quality, drop-in charging and an IP57 moisture ingress rating in a compact unit; to be showcased at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas.
The new Lectrosonics DSSM wireless transmitter shown with a tube of lipstick to provide perspective of its size.

Lectrosonics has announced the debut of the DSSM, a new, miniature, water-resistant digital wireless bodypack transmitter with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 57, and it will be showcased at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C5507.

The DSSM will be available for sale individually as well as in ZS kits with USB-powered dual battery charger. The CHSDSSM four-bay, gangable charging dock will also be available separately.


— All-metal construction.

— Available in three frequency tuning range: A1B1 (470 to 614 MHz), B1C1 (537 to 691 MHz), and 941 (941 to 960 MHz).

— Removable antenna with SMA mount.

— Standard miniature three-pin locking input connector.

— IP57 (Ingress Protection) rating: the DSSM is protected from dust and prevents water ingress for at least 30 minutes while immersed in water up to 1 meter.

— Removable battery: uses the Lectrosonics LB-50 rechargeable LiOn battery (PN#40106-1) from the IFBR1B and SSM product lines, meaning that existing charging bays like the CHS12LB50, CHS12LB50a, and 40117 dual USB charger can be used with this new transmitter.

— Onboard buttons and display with the same menu structure as DBSM family transmitters.

— USB jack located inside the battery compartment for firmware updates in the field using Wireless Designer software.

— Drop-in charging with the optional CHSDSSM charging bay that charges four units or batteries and can be connected to additional units so that up to 16 batteries or units in any combination can be charged from a single DCR5/9AU power supply (as with the similar CHSIFBR1B).

— RF power settings at 10 and 35 mW in D2 mode and 2 mW for the HDM model.

— AES 256-bit CTR encryption with four key policies including Universal, Shared, Standard, and Volatile for a variety of use cases, including government, corporate and sports coverage.

— Compatible with DSQD, DCHR, M2Ra, DSR, DSR4, and DCR822 receivers.

The DSSM is sold individually with antennas, reversible belt clip, battery, and zippered pouch, and as noted, is also sold in ZS kits with the dual-battery USB charger (PN#40117).

The CHSDSSM four-bay charging dock is also being introduced at the same time and can be used with any variant of the DSSM. This bay charges any mix of four units and/or LB-50 batteries and can be connected to three additional bays so that up to 16 batteries or units in any combination can be charged from a single DCR5/9AU power supply. The charger requires the DCR5/9AU power supply (not included).

“The DSSM and related charging dock is a much-anticipated product in the Lectrosonics digital transmitter line,” says Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics EVP product design and distribution. “The selection of features, RF power, sound quality, drop-in charging, and IP57 moisture ingress rating make this transmitter unique, especially for the small size.”

The DSSM will be available in Q3, 2024.


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April 13-17, 2024

Las Vegas, NV