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FOH engineer Matt Gush recently completed a tour with Irish artist Biig Piig using a compact Allen & Heath dLive mix system. (Photo Credit: Jordan McLachlan)

Allen & Heath Helps Drive Biig Piig On UK Tour

Mix engineer Matt Gush employs compact dLive C1500 control surface, DM0 MixRack and more in support of Irish singer/rapper.

Biig Piig, the stage name of fast-rising Irish singer/rapper Jessica Smyth, recently toured the UK supporting Glass Animals supported by veteran front of house engineer Matt Gush employing an Allen & Heath dLive mix system supplied by Production & Touring Ltd.

Gush’s setup for the tour, which included a sold-out show at London’s Alexandra Palace, comprised a compact dLive C1500 control surface and DM0 MixRack augmented with three DX168 expanders and a ME-1 personal monitoring system. The rig handled a fairly expansive line-up for a support act, as Gush explains, “Onstage we have a playback rig running Ableton Live, which is doing a small amount of vocal processing, and 10 channels of track playback as well as keyboard audio. That’s taken care of by one DX168, which also drives the pair of IEMs we have running as a main and spare.

“The other two DX168s are daisy-chained; one of them sits next to the drum kit, taking about 11 channels of drums and the second takes in sax, guitar, BV mics and Jess’s lines from FOS,” he continues. The C1500 is fitted with a Dante card which takes care of multi-tracking for virtual soundcheck purposes. The whole thing can be operational within half an hour of parking up the van, and we’ve done festival changeovers from the previous band finished to us done with line check within 15 minutes. It’s an incredibly fast system to deploy.”

Gush credits Billie Eilish FOH engineer Drew Thornton’s video tutorials for convincing him of the suitability of the system for Biig Piig. “During the pandemic, I got stuck into Drew Thornton’s YouTube series,” he says, “and the versatility of the platform in terms of both hardware and software struck me as really innovative, and a good fit for an artist growing as quickly as Biig Piig.

“It’s been a fantastic platform to build a show on, with incredible flexibility in its scene recall, surface layout, and some fantastic sounding processing options,” he concludes. “The Source Expander is absolutely gold, as are the range of compressors on offer, and the Dyn8 has found its way on to so many things. It’s been a remarkably easy-to-learn system and I’ve found it incredibly stable.”

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