WorxAudio Technologies Announces Enhanced TL1801A Subwoofer Transducer

The WorxAudio Technologies TL1801 subwoofer transducer — now identified as the TL1801A— has been upgraded to deliver even greater performance.

Additionally, manufacturing has been moved to the company’s Greensboro headquarters as a means of increasing manufacturing efficiencies while ensuring the highest level of quality control.

The TL1801A advanced design features a high temperature Neodymium magnet surrounding an under hung voice coil encased in a low carbon steel structure. The transducer’s architecture enables the cone to have extremely high excursion (displacement range) with the lowest possible distortion and power compression.

Weighing 52 pounds (23.59 kg), the WorxAudio TL1801A is extremely efficient, and handles an enormous amount of power. The woofer’s neodymium magnet has greater BL product (measurement of magnet strength) over conventional ceramic magnets or smaller neodymium magnets that are commonly utilized in other 18-inch loudspeakers, resulting in greatly enhanced acoustic output.

The TL1801A’s newly advanced cone design utilizes a high strength composite for light weight efficiency while allowing greater overall movement. The TL1801A’s driver has two inches (50.80 mm) of peak to peak fully linear excursion, and can move more than three inches (76.20 mm) prior to any deterioration, providing more linear excursion that again increases acoustic output, with ultra low distortion, quick transient response, and extremely low power compression with very high linearity.

The shape of the TL1801A’s motor was optimized using finite element analysis to dissipate heat, focus flux (constant movement), and reduce weight. This promotes convection cooling with cone motion by pulling air through the motor — forcing heat out of the structure and through the vent below the double spiders, further reducing the effects of steady state power compression caused by extreme input levels over long periods of time.

Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio Technologies’ CEO and Director of Engineering, explains, “Our TL1801 has long been a favorite of both touring professionals and installers. The transducer’s high acoustic output and robust design deliver the low frequency performance required for high SPL venues. By re-locating our manufacturing to Greensboro, we now have greater control over every aspect of this product, including the ability to match inventory with orders.

“This change is already having a very positive impact on our operations—enabling us to produce a higher quality product with better on-time delivery.  I’m confident our customers will appreciate the loudspeaker’s performance attributes as well as the faster delivery times.”

The WorxAudio Technologies TL1801A sub transducer is presently incorporated into the company’s TrueLine Series TL218SS and TL118SS sub bass enclosures. It will also be included in additional forthcoming products.

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