Wireless Systems: Enhancing Performance from your Equipment

Identify Problems and Adopt These Solutions to Common Challenges

The increasing popularity and convenience of wireless microphones, in-ear monitoring and intercom systems means they’re here to stay.

While problems can interfere with their smooth operation, most problems can be fixed easily, as explained in our free report, “Solving Wireless Systems Issues,” Chapter 2 of 6 of our Wireless Systems Expert Series.

You’ll learn how to correct problems such as:

  • Battery failures and maintenance
  • Digital and radio frequency interference
  • The thin sound quality of lapel microphones
  • Feedback from lapel microphones
  • Noise and lost audio because of mechanical problems
  • Overall system quality

Wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring sys­tems can significantly enhance the experience for audiences and performers alike. Freedom of movement for actors, musicians, ministers, orators and poli­ticians is a major benefit.

The best way to ensure problem-free, wireless operation is to stay informed, be educated and to keep up with the latest developments in technology. Stay alert to information about RF issues related to the FCC and other users of the spectrum, and keep up with technological advances from manufacturers as they introduce new systems.

Adopting the tips presented in “Solving Wireless Systems Issues,” will ensure the best performance from your wireless equipment.

The ProSoundWeb Expert Series on Wireless Systems is presented by Radio Active Designs, and features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.

Next up, Chapter 3 discusses how to implement and optimize wireless system antennas.

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