Waves Audio Presenting Waves Loudness Meter Plus (WLM Plus) At NAB

Waves Audio (booth C2451) offers the Waves Loudness Meter Plus (WLM Plus) plugin. The next generation of the TEC Award-winning WLM Loudness Meter plugin, the WLM Plus brings new enhancements and features, new correction and adjustment tools.

Ideal for content creators, post-production houses and cable head-end facilities, WLM Plus is an affordable, all-in-one cross-platform, multi-format loudness metering software solution.

WLM Plus is fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications, including new, dedicated presets meeting ARIB TR-B32, OP-59 and the current Discovery Channel requirements. The WLM Plus also includes two presets useful for gaming content creators for leveling, when working on Sony ASWG (Audio Standards Working Group) loudness scanner – geared towards portable and home based devices.

It offers comprehensive Momentary, Short Term, Long Term and True Peak readouts, as well as a unique warning and logging system that keeps track of users’ levels and alerts them when they have exceeded them or fallen short. WLM Plus now features Gain and Trim controls for correction of loudness levels and a True Peak Limiter, which saves users the need to use additional equipment or software.

WLM Plus Controls include:
—Short Term displays (in LUFS) perceived short term loudness.
—Long Term displays (in LUFS) perceived loudness averaged across the program signal.
—Range displays (in LU) the overall loudness range across the program signal.
—Momentary displays (in LUFS) momentary loudness levels, according to the Momentary scale control settings.
—True Peak displays (in dBTP) inter-sample peaks that do not register in the sample data but may occur during reproduction of the digital signal.
—Unders displays the number of times the signal goes below the specified Short Term Min value indicated in the settings panel.
—Overs displays the number of times the signal exceeds the specified Short Term Max value indicated in the settings panel.
—Measurements Play/Pause determines if program loudness is registered in the WLM memory for averaging long-term loudness range.
—Short Time selectable duration of short time measurement.
—True Peak Limiter on/off activates and deactivates the limiter.
—Follow Transport determines if measurement starts and stops according to host application transport controls.
—Timer indicates the amount of time measurements that have been taken and integrated.
—Reset resets the Long Term, Range, Overs and Unders counters and returns the integration timer to 00:00:00.
—Method determines the measurement method.
—Weighting determines the type of weighting filter.
—Channel determines the channels being measured.
—Short Term Max determines the maximum short term level.
—Short Term Min determines the minimum short term level.
—True Peak Max determines the maximum true peak level.
—Target determines the target level.
—Custom Pre Filtering provides low pass (LPF) and high pass (HPF) filters that pre-filter the audio prior to loudness measurement.
—Momentary Scale determines the scale displayed in the momentary bar meter.
—Logging displays CSV logging file options.
—Gain input gain.
—Trim calculates the difference between the long-term measurement and target. Trim button sets gain per calculation.

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