The MIX Institute Announces New Workshop Focusing On Drums, Bass & Vocals Slated For October

Veteran engineers to present proven tips and techniques to build a solid mix foundation capped off with stellar vocals.

The MIX Institute, a Greenville, SC-based audio school focused on helping students become better live music mixers, has announced it will be presenting a new workshop on Saturday, October 10 beginning at 9 am Eastern time entitled “Drums, Bass & Vocals: Building A Solid Foundation And Capping It Off With Stellar Vocals.”

Hosted in the Greenville area (specific location to be announced soon) — and open to house of worship audio engineers, their production teams and anyone else who would like to attend — the eight-hour workshop will be presented by veteran mix engineers Jim Yakabuski and Tyler Beemer, who will unpack best practices with drums and bass guitar to build a solid foundation for mixes. Topics include:

  • Tuning, equalizing and processing drums with compression, gates and FX
  • Blending two microphones in a kick and snare to achieve the best combined sound
  • Tuning, processing and balancing toms so they “sing” yet stay tight and controlled
  • Working with drums and bass guitar so they each have their own place in a solid foundation
The MIX Institute workshop this past August in Greeneville, with social distancing in effect.

They’ll also explore techniques and tips with vocals so they sit optimally on top of the mix where they belong, addressing:

  • Using high-pass filters (HPF) to control the low frequencies in vocals
  • EQ and pan lead and background vocals so they blend properly in the mixes
  • Using processing like compression professional FX settings to bring album quality to mixes

Students will learn from Parnelli Award-winning concert front of house engineer (and Live Sound/Church Sound/PSW author) Jim Yakabuski (pictured above), who’s list of recent clients includes Gwen Stefani, Peter Frampton, Matchbox 20, Journey and Van Halen. He’s also spent years in the house of worship audio world teaching audio teams tips and techniques, acquired during a career coming up on 40 years. Co-founder of Tyler Beemer, an upstate SC worship music mixer, shares a similar passion for teaching worship techs the “tricks of the mixing trade.”

Go here to find out more, and go here to register for the workshop session on Saturday, October 10.

The MIX Institute

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