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Symetrix Announces Professional Services Program

Fee-based plan utilizing the experience of the company's Applications Engineers to review and support customer projects with a range of support services.

Symetrix has announced that it is offering a Professional Services fee-based program designed to leverage the experience of the company’s Applications Engineers to review and support customer projects with services that include custom site file programming, custom intelligent module creation, and remote or on-site commissioning.

• Custom site file programming – Symetrix can generate a quote based on a customer’s I/O list and system description to create a Composer site file that’s ready to be uploaded to a system. Programming is always specific to each project and is available as a line item that can be added to a specification or project bid.

• Custom intelligent module creation – The company can create custom intelligent modules using Lua that can expand the capabilities of a DSP to provide customizable control of third-party products and manipulation of control data within a system.

• Remote commissioning services – Symetrix can schedule an Application Engineer to be available remotely during all phases of on-site setup and commissioning. If the user can provide a computer or laptop that has a network connection to the system and an internet connection, an engineer can be their full-time remote assistant during system setup and commissioning.

• On-site commissioning services – The company can also schedule an Applications Engineer to provide on-site assistance with setup and commissioning of a system.

In addition, the company is also offering free hardware and software functionality assistance, design assistance and verification, and advice on more advanced system functionality.

Go here to access a Symetrix Professional Services request form.


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