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Sennheiser Presenting Online Panel On Live Sound At Houses Of Worship

Roundtable of engineers to discuss how they mix house of worship sound for in-person and livestreamed events; video production for houses of worship also a focus.

The Sennheiser Sound Academy will offer a new online roundtable session on live sound mixing for houses of worship on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, with a panel that includes live sound engineers Raph Williams (Bethel Productions), Dan Bowater (Church Sound Summit) and Paul Mitchell (Chase Oaks Church).

Micah Williams of Eagle Vision Videos will also join to offer input on video production for houses of worship. The roundtable will be hosted by Sennheiser’s Andy Egerton and Tim Moore, who will lead discussions focused on mixing live audio, as well as how the panelists are adapting to production for livestreamed events and services during COVID-19.

The panelists will also share how they initially become involved in houses of worship, as well as talk about their individual careers and the experiences they have gathered along the way. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Go here to register for the session.

Dan Bowater, Paul Mitchell, Raph Williams and Micah Williams (from left to right) will answer your questions on live sound mixing and production for the House of Worship roundtable on July 28
Left to right, panelists Dan Bowater, Paul Mitchell, Raph Williams and Micah Williams.

About the panelists:

After college, Dan Bowater went freelance before setting up dB Studios using equipment and experiences he had gained from working with artists like Delirious on the King of Fools album. In 2014 he moved with his family to work for International’s House of Prayer in Kansas City where he headed up the sound department, and after two years, including the yearly One Thing event, it was time to return to UK. Since then he’s worked on many events as well as rock and pop gigs and large-scale theatre shows.

Raph Williams has worked on some of the biggest stages with global artists such as Stormzy, with values of integrity, professionalism and excellence making him a sought-after engineers. During lockdown he’s returned to roots and been involved in church community projects to continue reaching people.

Paul Mitchell is currently the production technology director for Chase Oaks Church, a multi-site church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He oversees all production related technologies at all campuses of the church. Paul has spent his time in Dallas-Fort Worth consulting and designing AVL systems for integrators, Chase Oaks Church, and surrounding churches.

Micah Williams recently graduated with a first class honors degree studying BSc Media Technology while being a Royal Television Society Bursary Recipient. Before starting university, he developed his own video production team (Eagle Vision TV), which captured many church conferences, weddings and funerals for livestream and private viewing. They have installed live streaming systems for churches all around the UK.


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