Redeemer Church Completes Construction With CSI And Ashly Audio

Christian Sound Installation resolves an unfinished integration project with Ashly amplifiers and processing.

Twenty years after its founding, Redeemer Church celebrates the completion of a brand new 16,000-plus square-foot sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classroom complex in its hometown of Riverview, Florida.

Local A/V integration firm Christian Sound Installation specified Ashly Audio network-ready processors and amplifiers, which, together with an Ashly WR-5 remote control, gives the church the ability to conduct full, audio-engineered services or smaller, auto-mixed events, such as weddings or funerals.

CSI picked the project up midway through the design phase when another firm folded, taking the best elements of the existing work and tweaking it for increased integration, impact, and functionality.

Inputs to the system include a large collection of new Shure ULX-D digital wireless microphones and Shure wired microphones, along with various playback devices and other line-level sources.

These feed an Allen & Heath GLD-80 console via an Allen & Heath AR2412 digital snake. An Ashly ne8800 8×8 Protea Matrix Processor takes the console’s outputs for normal, human-mixed services, but it also taps several key microphone inputs from the digital snake.

CSI owner Paul Garner configured an Ashly WR-5 programmable wall-mounted remote control to operate two preset states: Preset 1 mutes the tapped microphone inputs and passes the console output for normal services, and Preset 2 reverses that arrangement for simpler auto-mixed events. The ne8800 also provides loudspeaker processing, a protective brick-wall limiter, and, when in auto-mix mode, intelligent feedback suppressors on each input.

Garner specified three Ashly nXe1.52 dual-channel 1,500W network amplifiers, each of which uses its network-ready feature to reside on a private amplifier network.

“Having the amps on the network makes it simple and convenient to power up and down from front-of-house,” said Garner. “But more importantly, it gives the operator an immediate overview of system performance. They can watch temperatures, along with the input and output levels. That greatly simplifies troubleshooting, heads off problems before they become catastrophes, and generally promotes confidence in the system’s performance.”

CSI installed Electro-Voice EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers for the mains, but ran into a snag with regard to low-end support. Because the sanctuary is inside a pre-fab metal building, weight constraints forced Garner to find a very efficient low-end solution. “The Danley TH-118 has a tremendous amount of high-fidelity output for its size,” he said. “We were able to complement the EVH’s with just a single TH-118 flown above the center of the stage. It’s so efficient, they actually asked us to turn it down a bit from the level we set at commissioning.”

He continued, “All in all, it’s a great system because it has a great signal path that plays well together from start to finish: Shure mics, an Allen & Heath console, Ashly processing and amplification, Electro-Voice loudspeakers, and a Danley sub. No weak links there! In addition to Ashly’s great sound quality – which is hugely important – Ashly also has a proven record of reliability. And that’s ultimately just as important to a successful installation. Redeemer will enjoy continuous, day-in, day-out operation for years and years.”

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