Recording Academy P & E Wing Holds Preservation Celebration At AES

Event at the Crozier Fine Arts Center celebrates excellence in the archiving and preservation of recorded music, film, and fine art.
(L-R) Ivan Barias, Lance Podell, Bob Koszela, Meg Travis and Pat Kraus attend Preservation Celebration at Crozier Fine Arts in New York City. (Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

During the recent AES Convention in New York, the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, in partnership with Iron Mountain Incorporated entertainment services (IMES), held an exclusive Preservation Celebration event at the Crozier Fine Arts Center.

The event, which celebrated excellence in the archiving and preservation of recorded music, film, and fine art, featured hors d’oeuvres and cocktails for attendees, and served as a showcase of photos of iconic musicians provided by the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo – artists whose music was also featured.

The event was attended by leading members from the recording and entertainment communities, including producer/engineers Jimmy Douglass, Andres Mayo, James McKinney, Barry Rudolph and Rafa Sardina,; mastering engineer Pete Doell; Audio Engineering Society president Nadja Wallaszkovits; industry pros Joe D’Ambrosio (Joe D’Ambrosio Management), Roey Hershkovitz (Capitol Records) and Pat Kraus (Universal Music Group); and many others.

Ivan Barias, former president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy (’12-’15), and now serving on the Academy’s Board of Trustees and also co-chairing the Producers & Engineers Wing Steering Committee, addressed the crowd, welcoming the attendees and discussing the Academy’s valued relationship with Iron Mountain and the organizations’ shared values in regards to preservation and archiving. Lance Podell, newly appointed senior vice president and general manager, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, echoed Barias’ remarks, emphasizing IMES’s ongoing commitment to partnering with industry leaders to solve the looming challenges in preserving and protecting the priceless assets created by the talented members of the Producers & Engineers Wing and the artists they work with.

As an official P&E Wing Sustaining Partner for the past eight years, Iron Mountain provides title sponsorship for professional development events and serves as a member of the P&E Wing Manufacturer’s Council, a diverse array of audio-related companies that function as a creative think-tank to address industry issues, including technical best practices, new technology development, preservation of recording assets, and creative rights.

“Our partnership with the P&E Wing ensures that we remain close to the needs of the content creators whose work we are honored to protect and preserve,” states Podell. “We view our work together as a platform to bring awareness to the industry of the criticality of taking fast action on the preservation of media archives, before they’re lost to decay and equipment obsolescence. None of us want to imagine a world where the music of our icons such as Bruce Springsteen or Debbie Harry can’t be shared with future generations. On the occasion of the Audio Engineering Society convention, when the leaders of the audio industry are all gathered together in New York, we celebrate the accomplishments of dedicated audio professionals and continue the dialogue about the importance of proactively preserving their life’s work.”

Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing

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