RCF Releases New RDNet 2.0 Control & Management Software

RCF has announced the release of a new version (v2.0) of its proprietary RDNet remote control and management protocol.

Applicable to its proprietary RDNet Control 2 and Control 8 hardware interfaces (controlling a maximum of 64 and 256 devices in subnets respectively), with this platform each “intelligent” RDNet-compatible device has its own built-in communication board, microcontroller and DSP, with the ability to store presets, receive commands and continuously send status information.

Additional features of new RDNet 2.0 include completely redesigned offline and online operating mode for a safe system administration; revised mute management logic rules; improved RDNet protocol communication and error correction; and Logic ID support for a faulty device tolerant network operation.

And, there is also a new Control 8 firmware release, which improves “objects registration,” offering significantly higher reliability than previous releases (“objects registration” is considerably faster and safer than alternatives, thanks to the implementation of separated threads for each sub-network).

Designed and developed by RCF’s engineering team, and based on RS-485 communication protocol, RDNet is RCF’s proprietary protocol that makes it possible to monitor all the system components and parameters, from the input to the status of each single amplifier and transducer. Having a DSP onboard each loudspeaker, it’s possible to address single cabinets or groups of cabinets with specific presets or modifications of parameters like gain, equalization or delay. RDNet is able to send and receive data on a either XLR cable or Cat-5 cable.

RCF Theatre and Touring Series products supported by RDNet include the TT1A; TT2A; TT5A; new TTL55A; new TTL36AS; new TTS56A; new TTS26A; new TTS36A; new TTL33A; new TTL31A; TT5PA;  TT051A; TT052A; and TTL11.

New RDNet 2.0 software is available for download here.


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