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Radial Introducing SB5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box (“WallDI”) At InfoComm 2014

Fits inside a standard light switch electrical enclosure and employs a Decora wall plate cover

Radial Engineering is introducing the SB5W wall-mount stereo direct box (“WallDI”) at the InfoComm 2014 show in Las Vegas (booth C11316).

The SB5W fits inside a standard light switch electrical enclosure and employs a Decora wall plate cover for the fit and finish. Because the design is completely passive, no local powering is needed. Choice of RCA or 3.5 mm mini TRS inputs make it easy to interface to laptops and iPhones.

A simple level control sets the output. This is augmented with a set and forget switch to sum the stereo audio file to mono plus a ground lift to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops that often appear when interfacing computers and video projectors with professional audio equipment. Connections from the SB5W are simple screw-down terminals, with tie wraps for strain relief. 

Made in Canada from 16-gauge steel, the electronics are fully enclosed in a metal casing to reduce susceptibility from outside magnetic interference.

According to Radial export manager Steve McKay: “Just when you think you’ve seen every DI box ever to be made, those crazy engineers keep coming out with new devices that seem to hit a certain market or demographic. The SB5W is one of those. Just imagine you have a laptop computer in a boardroom or conference center and you want to send the audio through to the PA system. The SB5W is the perfect solution. Affectionately known as WallDI—it mounts inside a standard electrical box and employs an off the shelf Decora plate. You plug in, adjust the volume and your Power Point video comes alive.”

The new SB5W retails for $130 USD.

Radial Engineering

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