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Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) & Shure Offering Fourth Annual Mark Brunner Scholarship

Annual scholarship celebrating the life and accomplishments of long-time Shure executive and founding PAMA member offered to students worldwide pursuing an education in professional audio; applications being accepted through May 31.
Mark Brunner served in several key roles for Shure as well as president of PAMA.

The Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), in partnership with Shure, has announced that it is now accepting applications for the fourth annual Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship, offered to students worldwide who are pursuing an education in professional audio.

Brunner, a long-time Shure executive, PAMA founding member, and leading voice in the audio community who passed away in 2020, had a passion for education and mentorship throughout his career. The $2,000 scholarships are targeted to recipients in an accredited audio program.

PAMA and Shure are specifically interested to learn how the applicants plan to share their knowledge with others in a manner consistent with Brunner’s legacy. Scholarship applications are open as of April 1, with a submission deadline of May 31. Go here for more information and to submit an application.

Chris Regan of RF Venue, chair of the PAMA board of directors, states, “For the fourth year, we are proud to pay tribute to the late Mark Brunner with this scholarship. He was an ardent supporter of audio education, and a friend and mentor to countless people working in audio today. We aim to carry on his legacy, and we look forward to helping more talented young audio professionals achieve their goals.”

“Mark’s passion was helping others,” adds Chris Schyvinck, president and CEO of Shure. “This scholarship is a truly impactful way for Mark’s legacy to live on and provide the next generation of leaders with an opportunity to learn and grow in this industry.”

The recipients of the first scholarship were Dennis Freeman from Middle Tennessee State University and Emma Brooks from Berklee College of Music. The second scholarship went again to Freeman and Brooks, as well as Benjamin Nix-Bradley of CSU Northridge. The third went to Freeman and Nix-Bradley, as well as Valor Swezey of University of New Haven.


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