April 13-17, 2024

Las Vegas, NV

MultiDyne Bringing Updated NanoBrix Signal Processing Series To 2024 NAB Show

New 12G to HDMI converter supports 5.1 audio monitoring and downmixing of live broadcasts while the entire range receives several notable upgrades and added capabilities/options.
The new NB2-12G-HDMI converter from MultiDyne.

MultiDyne has announced that it will demonstrate a new generation of the NanoBrix Series of digital processors at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center (booth 7107), and it will also unveil a new NanoBrix product design with a ruggedized enclosure that sets the stage for a second rollout phase that will allow users to house and connect multiple NanoBrix devices in a single chassis.

The NanoBrix Series became part of MultiDyne’s product family following a strategic acquisition, adding a range of 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI conversion and distribution options for managing high densities of analog and digital signals. The original NanoBrix Series includes a range of fiber-optic transceivers, multiplexers/de-multiplexers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders/de-embedders, most of which will be retained in the new series.

MultiDyne will add new devices to the series over time, beginning with a new 12G to HDMI converter at NAB. The new NB2-12G-HDMI provides a way for broadcast engineers to monitor 5.1 audio streams and downmix the surround signal to 2.0 stereo audio. The device accepts a 12G 4K SDI signal and converts it to HDMI for live confidence monitoring. At the same time, the embedded surround signal can be used to provide a L/R multichannel downmix for stereo applications, including television sets and web streams.

MultiDyne will refresh the appearance of the NanoBrix Series beginning with the NB2-12G-HDMI, with the company’s familiar branding added to brighter orange and black foundational coatings. The NB2-12G-HDMI and other updated NanoBrix products include 5-volt USB/USB-C powering and an accessory cable, along with magnetic mounting capability that makes it easier to conceal devices inside studios and equipment racks. The NB2-SDI-HDMI is also available with a single-channel fiber input and can regenerate the incoming signal for daisy-chained monitors.

Jesse Foster, VP of products and western sales, says that the NB2-12G-HDMI essentially offers the same functionality as the NBX-3G-HDMI-DMX, which broadcasters use today to monitor and/or downmix HD signals. “This specific product represents the continued expansion of our 12G products for the 4K single-link infrastructure,” says Foster, adding that MultiDyne has also added 12G connectivity and transport to its HoneyBadger bulk fiber transport platform that was introduced at the 2023 NAB Show. “These are problem-solving devices that allow broadcasters to troubleshoot the absence of surround channels in the 5.1 audio mix, or noise issues that result from oddities or artifacts in the stereo downmix.”

The updated NanoBrix Series will soon expand with the NB2-10G-TRX copper 10G over fiber transceiver, with optional PoE+ support. Foster says this product will be available in single and dual-fiber configurations and “will fit right alongside the NB2-12G-HDMI in the frame system, as will all future NanoBrix products.”

MultiDyne will also highlight the HoneyBadger in its booth. HoneyBadger is a field fiber option for content producers faced with a broader array of formats, signals and connectors while seeking to bridge the gap between fiber and IP. The 5RU package removes limitations around local signal connectivity and extension through high I/O density and two independent 1Gb local-area network (LAN) extensions, the latter of which enables IP connectivity over single-mode fiber strands.


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April 13-17, 2024

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