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By PSW Staff November 29, 2017

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For over 20 years, Smaart has helped audio professionals worldwide streamline the process of aligning and optimizing speaker systems in touring and fixed installation environments. Smaart v8 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of modern audio engineers, resulting in the industry’s most powerful and adaptable audio analysis software platform. Smaart v8 offers easier configuration, greater control of the software environment and integration with 3rd party devices allowing users to adapt and expand Smaart to match their specific applications.

• Tab-based interface allows users to configure and switch between multiple workspaces without opening multiple windows • Multi-Window capability allows users to drive multiple windows, each containing its own set of tabbed workspaces. It is like being able to run multiple measurement sessions simultaneously. • Easy, intuitive measurement configuration that dramatically speeds up workflow. • Broadband metering for all input devices allows users to continuously view input signal levels as well as monitor parameters such as SPL and LEQ for multiple inputs simultaneously. • Enhanced SPL monitoring capabilities including an SPL history graph, comprehensive SPL logging and SPL warnings and alarms. • Touchscreen-friendly user-configurable command buttons to accommodate increased use of Smaart on tablet and touch screen computers. • Smaart-to-Smaart API remote control allows any copy of Smaart v8 to act as host to any other copy of Smaart v8 on the same network. One computer can acquire the input signals and perform the measurement computations while another acts as a client and remotely accesses the measurement data, allowing the measurement environment to be spread not just across multiple monitors, but across multiple computers. • Integration with 10EaZy SPL Monitoring Systems: Connecting a 10EaZy system to a Mac or Windows computer running Smaart v8 allows users to take calibrated SPL measurements within Smaart and unlocks the 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager – an intuitive real-time meter that tracks your sound level and continuously evaluates your likelihood of violating the configured Leq limit.

More about Rational Acoustics: Smaart v8

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