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Powersoft Drives Discrete System Serving Unique New School In The Netherlands

Integrator MM Concept Audio Solutions implements Mezzo amplifier platform to drive system that’s designed to mirror new Terra Emmen school’s varied and practical curriculum.
An equipment rack with Powersoft Mezzo half-rack-unit amplifiers at Terra Emmen school in the Netherlands. Photo courtesy of MM Concept Audio Solutions.

The newly built Terra Emmen school (located in Emmen, Netherlands) offers a varied and practical curriculum, and it’s equipped with an audio system utilizing Powersoft amplifiers meeting the school’s unique requiprements that can be as versatile as it is discrete.

After assessing the available options, the school’s administrators decided that MM Concept Audio Solutions was the right company to assist in creating an audio infrastructure that could fit into Terra Emmen’s educational ethos.

“The initial brief from Terra Emmen was rather a simple one,” says Mark Molema, CEO of MM Concept Audio Solutions, which is based in Assen, Netherlands. “At that point, they weren’t being supported by an AV system advisor, which was a huge benefit for us. As far as they were concerned, the functionality and ease-of-use of the system was key, which is a welcome change from the more in-depth or challenging plans we would usually get from typical AV system advisors. The fact that the school trusted our knowledge really allowed us to think outside of the box and come up with a unique way of giving them the functionality they required.”

Molema decided that a MAG Audio NX10-8 loudspeakers would be well suited to the job of covering the various zones around the building, driven by Powersoft Mezzo 602 A and Mezzo 322 A amplifier platforms. Mezzo, with a half rack-unit form factor, comes with onboard DSP, in two power sizes, with a choice of two or four channels of output.

->Photo courtesy of MM Concept Audio Solutions.

“If we need larger amounts of system headroom, we go for the Quattrocanali or Ottocanali platforms, but generally the Mezzo is the one we choose,” notes Molema. “It gives us a unique power-to-size advantage, and its class-leading DSP features and Dante integration are always useful.”

Molema also cited Mezzo’s scalability and low-power consumption as strengths in projects such as Terra Emmen. “The fixed installation market is getting more and more demanding,” he explains “Clients will often prefer the most compact, cost-efficient solutions available; and Mezzo has a fantastic set of features to accommodate these factors and much more besides.”

The amplifier are incorporated in the control section of the local area network, which allows them to be remotely operated using the Neets room control system. “For these types of installations, the ease-of-use has to be exceptionally high in every environment,” says Molema. “Although the school staff have had training in the basic operation of the system, it was important to ensure that they wouldn’t be overawed by it or tempted to try and access any of its critical components. Luckily, the Mezzo platform doesn’t have any functions or buttons on its front panel, so this will never be an issue at Terra Emmen.”

Since the completion of the installation, Molema and his team have already received high praise from the end user, he concludes. “The system has been great for the school, particularly as it’s so user-friendly. The sonic quality has also been excellent, and the speech intelligibility is fantastic throughout the venue; which is key for announcements, meetings, assemblies, and many more applications besides. It sounds as if they are really enjoying learning how to make the most of it.”

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