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PK Sound And NTX Distribution Showcasing Trinity And Gravity In Mexico City

Trinity robotic line arrays with Gravity 218 and 30 subwoofers on display at sound:check Xpo on April 23, 24 & 25.

PK Sound and NTX Distribution are showcasing Trinity robotic line arrays and Gravity subwoofers at Sound Check in Mexico City, booth #63 and 64, on April 23, 24 & 25.

Trinity’s patented technology equips sound engineers with tools that allow them to sculpt the sound field in 3 dimensions, in real-time. Coupled with its proprietary Kontrol software, Trinity can be controlled remotely from a laptop. When coordinates are entered, Trinity will move into position, adjusting the sound field on both the horizontal and vertical planes. Trinity provides audio engineers with the ability to control every aspect of the sound field.

The dual 18-inch Gravity 30 is the most powerful subwoofer in PK Sound’s inventory, and one of their newest innovations. The Gravity 30 offers a 15,000-watt class-D amplifier with differential pressure loop technology to provide efficient power to the 30” moving magnet linear motor and Powersoft M-Force transducer.

The Gravity 218 subwoofer utilizes Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology to achieve tonality and low distortion. The unrestricted vent ensures non-turbulent streamlined airflow, eliminating port noise and increasing output. An 8,000-watt class-D amplifier provides efficient high output power to two high-excursion 18-inch transducers.

Please contact NTX Distribution for more information, or to set up a demonstration.

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