One Systems Loudspeakers Help Luxury Resort Transition From Day To Night

The LUX Belle Mare is a high-end, luxury resort located in the seaside village of Belle Mare on the east coast of Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.

One of the many amenities the resort provides its guests is an assortment of dining and entertainment options. Recently the resort’s fun and relaxing beach restaurant and lounge – the newly named Beach Rouge – upgraded their sound system with One Systems Direct Weather loudspeakers.

Rentacolor Mauritius LTD was called in to design the new system.

“One Systems marine grade loudspeakers were designed to resist the weather exceptionally well,” explains Dominique Hardy, technical director at Rentacolor Mauritius. “They have the sound quality the restaurant needed while being able to withstand exposure to sea salt. They were a perfect fit.”

The loudspeakers were divided into three zones – the inner deck, outer deck and dance floor. Twelve 103IM-70 loudspeakers were distributed throughout the inner deck in a mono layout. The outer deck was equipped with four 106IM-70 enclosures in a stereo layout. Hardy installed 70.7-volt transformer versions that feature wide-bandwidth transformers with 50-watt, 25-watt and 12.5-watt taps. The 70v design cuts down on power demands while providing plenty of output.

Two 112IM/Marine-White loudspeakers along with two 118Sub-W/Marine subwoofers blanket the DJ/dance floor zone. The 112IM is a high-performance 12-inch two-way loudspeaker that incorporates patented Equivalent Throat Technology© to deliver excellent fidelity and high vocal intelligibility to the area. The 118Sub-W-Subs feature One Systems patented 18I/O 18-inch extended bass transducers that provide the low end the dance floor demands.

The 112IM/Marine-White loudspeaker enclosures are injection-molded utilizing a copolymer material developed for use in extremely harsh weather environments that offers a high degree of UV protection. The enclosures have 2 x M5 mounting points located on the top and bottom of the loudspeaker for use with the supplied U-Brackets which Hardy utilized when installing the system.

The subs, located on the ground near the DJ booth, are built using marine-grade plywood with marine-grade stainless steel grilles, and rigging points.  They are also specially painted on the inside and outside of the cabinets utilizing the highest quality weather protecting paint.

The grille assemblies on all One Systems loudspeakers feature a 3-layer design optimized for acoustic transparency and protection from windblown particles and water.

“The owners and patrons at Beach Rouge are impressed with the upgraded system,” adds Hardy. “The new loudspeakers provide superior sound and are flexible enough to go from casual day-time music to hard driving dance music in the evening. It’s perfect.”

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