On-Stage Releases New Line Of Microphone & Gear Cleansers

Both cleansers are designed to help reduce the spread of bacteria and germs and are stated as safe to use on essentially all gear.
New DSA8000 microphone cleanser from On-Stage.

On-Stage, a U.S.-based manufacturer serving professional audio techs and engineers, touring professionals and musicians, has released the new DSA8000 microphone cleanser and DSA3200 multi-surface cleanser refill.

“Studio owners, venue operators, DJs, and anyone else operating a business where microphones are regularly used, now have cleanliness front of mind,” says Jason Joyal, product line manager for On-Stage. “Our new range of cleansers is an easy way to help them stay on top of their cleaning needs and make sure everyone at their establishment stays safe.”

With a formula stated to be both alcohol- and fragrance-free, the DSA8000 is designed to help reduce the spread of bacteria and germs and is safe to use on essentially all gear. An 8-ounce fine mist spray bottle is intended to make the cleaning process easier, with the cleanser able to be sprayed directly on surfaces or applied to a cloth and wiped on more fragile gear items such as microphones, mixers and other electronics.

The DSA3200 is a 32-ounce bulk refill option for smaller fine mist spray bottles. It too is designed to safely reduce the spread of common bacteria and germs on virtually any surface. As with the DSA8000, it is state to have an alcohol- and fragrance-free formula.


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