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Newtech Systems Selects EAW Loudspeakers For Recent Projects In Kentucky/West Virginia Region

Loudspeaker manufacturer, area sales representative and noted systems integrator work together to provide the high-quality audio system solutions

Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia have recently experienced a swell of A/V installation activity, thanks to Ashland, Kentucky-based Newtech Systems (also with offices in Lexington, Kentucky, and Dunbar, West Virginia).

Newtech’s Bill Banfield takes particular pride in a number of recent “small but great” projects which have taken place at a variety of schools, churches and community theaters, all with EAW components, with support from EAW sales rep firm North Coast Marketing of Erie, Pennsylvania

“Our installations take on all number of shapes and sizes, and EAW has the best solutions for just about every application we encounter,” stated Banfield. “Ashland, Kentucky’s Christ United Methodist Church’s install was short and sweet: two EAW VR62 compact full-range loudspeakers.

“However, working with Mercer County High School in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, was a different story. There, we installed a multi-zoned system in the gymnasium, featuring six MK5396 two-way full-range installation loudspeakers and 10 MK2366 two-way full-range installation loudspeakers. Additionally, we installed a new auditorium system featuring one MK5326 two-way full-range installation loudspeaker, one MK5364 two-way full-range installation loudspeaker, four VRM12 full-range loudspeakers/stage monitors, eight CIS80 ceiling loudspeakers and two SMS5 surface mount loudspeakers.

“Of course that’s not a huge install as these things go, but it was huge for the school, and it sounds great. EAW loudspeakers provided exactly what those projects needed.”

EAW’s MK Series loudspeakers are a particular favorite of Banfield’s: “The MKs are the most flexible boxes in their product category. They have consistent voicing in the crossover region and give the installer a lot of versatility on installation. I’m able to mix and match horn patterns to achieve the best seating coverage as needed.”

Aside from the products themselves, Banfield notes that working with EAW and North Coast has been an overwhelmingly positive experience: “I enjoy working with North Coast Marketing, and I know that Dennis Cray is always willing to exhaust every resource to make things happen to support his dealers. And the support that EAW gives is always top notch – EAW’s Joe Fustolo and the Application Support Group always do a tremendous job when called upon.”

Other EAW/Newtech installs include Ripley Elementary in Ripley, West Virginia; Frank’s Community Center in Boyd County, Kentucky; several churches in Ashland, Kentucky; Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Huntington, West Virginia; Elliot County Performing Arts Center in Elliot County, Kentucky; and several more.

Banfield continues: “Some integrators might not make it a priority to cater toward these smaller installs, but the way we see it, local schools, churches, theaters and community centers need crisp, clear and powerful audio just as much as anyone, if not more. And sometimes all they need is the right set of two or four loudspeakers. It’s up to us to install that right set, and EAW and North Coast Marketing are there with us, providing the loudspeaker solutions that make the difference.”

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