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New Facts & Faders Episodes With Matt Herr, FOH For Elton John

Talks about how he got the role he's now held for 18 years as well as how he and his team shape the sound of the superstar artist, including his classic piano sound.

In the first of two new video interviews, Matt Herr, who’s served as Elton John’s front of house engineer for 18 years, discusses how he ended up in that position and how he and his team make Elton John’s sound.

Next, Matt shares how he recreates Elton John’s classic piano sound — adding dimension and depth — night after night.

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Host Russ Long is a top touring and multi-platinum recording and mix engineer who has worked in professional audio for more than 30 years. Following a decade as Steven Curtis Chapman’s FOH engineer, he has spent over 12 years mixing FOH for Amy Grant, and has also mixed numerous high-profile events such as the KLOVE Music awards, the Challenge America Musical Gala at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and Barbara Bush’s 90th birthday concert featuring Reba McEntire, Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant.

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