Martin Professional MAC III Quadray Multi-Beam Luminaire Provides One-of-a-Kind Lighting

Harman’s Martin Professional MAC III Quadray is an all-new, multi-beam effect offering a whole new dimension to the lighting designer toolbox.

The MAC III Quadray is tour-tested, having been deployed on Paul McCartney’s latest tour ‘Out There!’ with lighting design by Roy Bennett, among others.

The MAC III Quadray allows designers to create a wide variety of looks that would otherwise be difficult to program solely via a lighting console.

The MAC III Quadray allows for projection of up to four individually controllable rays of light from a single luminaire, providing new possibilities in static or dynamic mid-air effects. Superior output from a 1500-watt lamp means the MAC III Quadray delivers enough power for even the biggest stages and venues.

It houses the same high-quality feature set as the Martin Professional MAC III AirFX, including a vibrant color mixing system, stunning aerial effects and a linear zoom with linked focus.

Available as an easy-to-install front lens replacement kit for the MAC III AirFX, the lens kit installs (and uninstalls) in only a few minutes, providing flexibility of use and greater value from a single luminaire.

The MAC II provides added flexibility and enhanced value for any rental house or lighting designer.

Martin Professional

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