Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo Coming To WFX In Dallas Next Week

“The Ultimate Audio Experience” will present the unique opportunity to listen to, evaluate, and compare 26 top professional loudspeaker systems

The Live Sound International (LSI) Loudspeaker Demo — a.k.a., “The Ultimate Audio Experience” — is coming to the Worship Facilities Expo (WFX) in Dallas next week (October 10-12), presenting the unique opportunity to listen to, evaluate, and compare 26 top professional loudspeaker systems in a controlled listening environment.

The event, which is free to attend, has attracted more than 3,500 attendees over the past several years. It will be held in an exhibit hall (Hall C) in conjunction with WFX at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas. (Register here.)

Note that a special kick-off demo session will be held on Tuesday evening (October 10, beginning at 6 pm) for audio professionals and church sound personnel who may not be able to attend the daytime sessions.

This year’s format will feature demo sessions for both portable and compact loudspeaker systems hosted in one area. (Compact systems are larger-format, flown loudspeakers. Portable systems are smaller-format, ground-based loudspeakers.)

During each demo session, the systems are fed identical music tracks. Listeners can evaluate what they hear and also observe each system’s scale, components and other important details, in addition to getting further technical details and pricing information from qualified representatives of each company participating in the demo.

Also note that manufacturers will present 20-minute individual demo sessions, highlighting and further explaining their own systems and technology. Participating loudspeaker companies include:

Adamson Systems Engineering
Clair Brothers
Community Professional
D.A.S. Audio
Martin Audio
TW Audio

Technology sponsors for the event include:

Yamaha (console and stage boxes)
Lectrosonics (wireless systems)
Rational Acoustics (system measurement and level monitoring)
Furman (power conditioning/UPS)
Audinate (Dante networking)
Link (system interconnect)
Elation (lighting/control)

And, as usual, there will be great prizes awarded via random drawings following each full demo session. Prizes include:

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafePro Earplugs
Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional IEM Headphones
DPA d:fine Slim Omnidirectional Headset Microphone

Electro Voice ND76 Vocal Microphones
Furman F1500-UPS Power Conditioning Unit
Link Eurocable Microphone Cables 
RCF AYRA 4 Reference Monitors
Renkus-Heinz CFX 41 Loudspeakers
Rational Acoustics Smaart v8 License & RTA420 Measurement Microphone

Sound Productions $50 Gift Certificates

Don’t miss this rare chance to gain a wealth of insight regarding loudspeakers and sound systems in a single informative, productive and time-efficient event.

The schedule for Dallas:

Tuesday, October 10
6 pm — All Compact & Portable Systems

Wednesday, October 11
10 am — All Compact Systems
11 am — Adamson Demo Session
11:20 am — Community Demo Session
11:40 am — Clair Brothers Demo Session
Noon — All Portable Systems
1 pm — K-array Demo Session
1:20 pm — D.A.S. Audio Demo Session
1:40 pm — All Compact Systems
2:40 pm — Renkus-Heinz Demo Session
3 pm — Electro-Voice Demo Session
3:20 pm — All Portable Systems
4:20 pm — Martin Audio Demo Session
4:40 pm — TW Audio Demo Session
5 pm — All Compact Systems

Thursday, October 12
9 am — All Compact Systems
10 am — RCF Demo Session
10:20 am — All Portable Systems
11:20 pm — dBTechnologies Demo Session
11:40 pm — All Compact Systems
12:40 pm — Yamaha/NEXO Demo Session
1 pm — Tannoy/Turbosound Demo Session
1:20 pm — All Portable & Compact Systems

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This free event is open to all show attendees. Registration for the LSI loudspeaker demo (and WFX) is available here. And be sure to check out the site dedicated to the demo — — for further details.