Lawo & zactrack Demo Automated Stage Tracking-Based Live Mixing At 2024 Prolight + Sound

Joint “Theater Future Tech Reception" in Frankfurt provided attendees with a look into the future of automated, object-based live audio mixing workflows.
The scene at the "Theater Future Tech Reception" presented by Lawo and zactrack at the recent Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt.

At the recent 2024 Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Lawo and zactrack, an incubator focused on the development of VR, AR, and XR systems for the entertainment industry, hosted a joint “Theater Future Tech Reception,” providing attendees with a look into the future of automated, object-based live audio mixing workflows.

Lawo showcased its integration of zactrack’s stage tracking system with its mc² production consoles, providing automated stereo, surround and immersive audio mixing workflows based on the performers tracking data.

zactrack’s Radio Tracking is an automated follow system tailored environments such as open-air events, theater stages, and TV studios. Using Ultra-Wide-Band real-time location technology, the system works in aerial (2D) and spacial (3D) configurations, the platform tracks any number of performers or objects in real time, facilitating alignment of moving lights, video projections, cameras, and immersive sound to the position of a performer or object.

The zactrack system controls the Lawo mc² mixers for automated panning and even elevation in 3D audio systems. The Y positioning parameter can be translated into depth, meaning delay adjustment for replicating the depth of the stage. This delay adjustment is possible due to Lawo’s proprietary click-less delay functionality, which is designed to help ensure a natural audience listening experience. Leveraging the mixer’s delay functionality, users can add delays of up to 1.8 seconds without audible artifacts, even during live productions, the company states.

“The integration of zactrack’s stage tracking system with Lawo’s mc² platform represents a significant step forward in the evolution of automated audio mixing workflows,” says Lucas Zwicker, senior director, Workflow & Integration, CTO Office at Lawo. “Thanks to automated audio positioning of the actors we allow users to concentrate on all the other challenges of a live production, while still delivering a real-time immersive, spatially accurate audio experience across any multichannel P.A. system supported by Lawo consoles.”

“Running a zactrack mini system on the Lawo booth at this year’s Prolight + Sound allowed to showcase in a practical application how live positional data provided by zactrack can not only improve and automate workflows in audio mixing, but also help to enhance the acoustic experience for the audience whilst giving performers on stage full freedom to move,” adds Manuel Ewers, global sales manager at zactrack. “It was great to experience how seamless Lawo’s mc² platform integrates with our fully automated tracking system and we are looking forward to seeing our users benefit from this synergy.”


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