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Latest AVIXA Pro AV Business Index Indicates Growth In Industry Sales

Report shows 3.4-point increase from June in first sign of growth since February 2020.

The latest AVIXA montly Pro AV Business Index shows that sales in the industry are growing, with the AV sales index (AVI-S) reaching 53.7, which indicates growth for the first time since February (2020). It represents an increase of 3.4 points from June, when the index’s 50.3 mark suggested no net change.

As the report notes, “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows yet, as this month’s figure represents only slow growth. But the operative word is ‘growth,’ and all signs point to it continuing.”

In addition, AVIXA folded in questions from the weekly COVID-19 Impact Survey it ran from March until the end of June. The top finding from the additional questions is that panelists report a year-to-date revenue decline of 20.8 percent versus the same period for the previous year. Staffing was steadier, dropping 9 percent. From the report: “Despite these big declines, providers show optimism for recovery, with a clear majority anticipating revenues to get back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021, right in line with our Industry Outlooks and Trends Analysis (IOTA) projections.”

Read the full report here.


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