L-Acoustics Introduces New LA-NETWORK MANAGER For LA4 & LA8/LA RAK

At the 2009 ProLight+Sound/Muzikmess in Frankfurt, L-Acoustics introduced a new version of the LA-NETWORK MANAGER for LA4 and LA8/LA RAK that adds a new level of flexibility and features to the platform.

The most important updates are:
• A new Hybrid Preset design tool for building custom presets
• New Source Matrix for increased I/O routing flexibility
• New EQ section and monitoring during tuning

The new LA-NETWORK MANAGER EQ section and Array Morphing tool utilize new filter algorithms in the LA8 amplified controller.

Array Morphing allows the user to virtually control characteristics affecting the resulting system frequency response (array size, listening distance, splay angle). Array Morphing also provides LF compensation.

Designed originally for WST Line Source Arrays but applicable to any system, Array Morphing applications include:
• Smoothly adjust the frequency response of a line source array and compensate for different array geometries and conditions of use.
• Provide the same sonic signature to all L-Acoustics line source systems used in the same installation, and approach a reference standardized frequency response when desirable.
• Offer frequency response flexibility to adapt to various applications: from speech & classical music (“flat” response) to live rock music (“enhanced LF response”).

The EQ Section and Array Morphing tool are embedded in LA-NETWORK MANAGER V1.2 and can be downloaded from the L-Acoustics website.

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