KV2 Audio & TiMax Team Up At The Sound Kitchen In Prague

Festival celebrating theatre arts equipped with system incorporating ESP1000 amplifiers driving 16 KV2 ESD Cube loudspeakers and EX1.5 subwoofers working with a 64-channel SoundHub audio matrix.
A view of this year's Sound Kitchen in Prague where a system incorporating a TiMax SoundHub working with KV2 Audio loudspeakers was a part of the festivities.

Now in its 15th year, Sound Kitchen, held at the Prague Quadrennial international festival that celebrates theatre arts in an interactive way in providing an opportunity for the “audio-curious” to perform their work and exchange ideas, featured a system incorporating KV2 Audio loudspeakers and amplification in a sound design centered upon a 64-channel TiMax SoundHub spatial audio matrix with Dante.

The collaborative exploration project is organized and co-curated by sound designer, Peter Rice, and Out Board’s Robin Whitaker, with support from a selected team of international sound designers, engineers and artists, as well as manufacturers, committed to the high-quality audio reproduction.

Specifically, analog output from TiMax supplied six KV2 Audio ESP1000 amplifiers driving 16 KV2 Audio ESD Cube full-range loudspeakers and six EX1.5 subwoofers. KV2’s ESD Cubes were distributed through the length of the venue, five per side and five overhead, with subs positioned in pairs at the front, middle and end of the room.

Out Board/TiMax director Robin Whittaker sates, “SoundKitchen is a very special event and an important, safe and fun space for budding and established sound artists and designers to come together. Every year it’s enlightening. We were honored that KV2 Audio accepted our invitation to join us at SoundKitchen. I have the highest respect for KV2 loudspeakers and have been continually impressed with their excellent sound quality. Many thanks to them: their guys were amazing, the ESD Cube loudspeakers sounded fabulous, and the subs were very musical.

”KV2 Audio CEO George Krampera adds, “It’s great to be part of an event like Sound Kitchen that encourages experimentation and pushing the boundaries in audio and performance–ideas that very definitely resonate with us at KV2–and especially here in Prague on our home turf. We were also happy to note how good the system sounded with the TiMax analogue outputs. We hope to be able to collaborate again soon.”

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