KLANG Announces New KOS 5.5 Operating System

Designed to simplify and reduce setup time for all of the company’s second-generation devices, including :konductor, :kontroller, and :vokal, as well as DiGiCo’s DMI-KLANG card.
KOS 5.5 strengthens KLANG’s integration with DiGiCo Quantum and SD-Range mixing consoles.

KLANG:technologies has announced the launch of its newest operating system, KOS 5.5, and working with corresponding KLANG:app software, it’s designed to simplify and reduce setup time for all of the company’s second-generation devices, including :konductor, :kontroller, and :vokal, as well as DiGiCo’s DMI-KLANG card.

KLANG’s latest OS serves as the backend of improved DiGiCo console integration, enhanced by DiGiCo’s newest software release, V1742. In addition, KOS 5.5 offers numerous other enhancements, including:

— DiGiCo Console Integration “Lite” puts both console and KLANG channel labels in sync. Firing a snapshot on the Quantum or SD-Range console will fire the corresponding snapshot in KLANG, and whenever a console session is loaded or saved, a corresponding KLANG session is also saved.

— The new Dante Follow update simplifies the separation of Dante and Control networks via VLANs on KLANG processors and :kontrollers while simultaneously improving Dante network stability and latency headroom. It is now easier to automatically patch the corresponding Dante channels to a KLANG mix directly from KLANG:app and KLANG:kontroller without the need for Dante Controller.

— A DMI-KLANG mounted in an Orange Box can now configure and show the settings of the audio I/O DMI card remotely via KLANG:app without the need for the Orange Box controller software.

— New, Root-intensity EQ presets enable quicker setup of a personal mixing system.

KOS 5.5 also delivers a host of improved administrator features. For example, system administrators can now assist musicians by remotely saving and loading mix presets on :kontrollers or :apps in Personal Mode. System notifications are gathered in a dedicated section within the KLANG:app, which includes a history feature for scrolling through past notifications. It has also become easier to oversee connected :kontrollers and :apps, identifying devices that require setup for a show. Additionally, for software updates, KLANG devices can format USB drives and copy their internal software version, to update other devices.

“There is an inverse rule when it comes to excellence in software design, and that is to create platforms that are increasingly sophisticated and complex while simultaneously making them easier to adopt and use,” says KLANG co-founder Dr. Pascal Dietrich. “Our new KOS 5.5 perfectly rises to that challenge. Not only does our latest operating system deliver paramount ROI by bringing improvements in power and workflow to KLANG products for free, but it is now also faster and simpler than ever for users to set up and operate, opening up our immersive IEM mixing platform to an even wider audience. KLANG KOS 5.5 is proof-positive that superior performance and versatility don’t have to be time-consuming, complicated or expensive.”

KOS 5.5 is available as a free update for all KLANG immersive processors and allows interoperability of all related products and apps. Go here for more specifics and to download.