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Hong Kong’s Yojimbo Lounge Bar Outfitted With K-array

Mugello-KH2 and Vyper-KV52 line arrays with Rumble-KU210 subwoofers and Kommander-KA14 amps reinforce the latest bar from Dining Concepts and Ashley Sutton.

K-array loudspeakers and amplifiers have been installed in the latest bar created by Dining Concepts: Yojimbo, designed by international designer, Ashley Sutton.

Located in the heart of the nightlife precinct of Central, Hong Kong, Yojimbo replicates the underground world of Japanese clubbing through its international DJs, entertainment features and cocktails similar to the underground Ginza lanes of Tokyo.

Yojimbo is a slightly bigger space than many of Hong Kong’s bars or clubs yet a discreet system of four Vyper-KV52 line array elements and two Rumble-KU210 subwoofers powered by a Kommander-KA14 amp was enough DSP to cover the lobby bar area.

The main room functions as a nightclub so a more powerful line array of Mugello-KH3 loudspeakers were flown on either side of the DJ booth paired with a Mugello-KS5 subwoofer underneath it.

Completing the setup, a pair of smaller Mugello-KH2 powered line array elements has been installed on the opposite wall.

“K-array is a really good company to work with. Their speakers are very good quality, but what’s also attractive is the opportunity to work with some quality people, such as [president of global sales] Marc Vincent who lives right here on Hong Kong Island and gets very involved with our installations,” says Fabian Paganini, Dining Concept’s music director.


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