Kick Drum Microphones: Techniques to Optimize the “Bang”

Veteran engineer Mark Frink presents a host of solutions for making it go "bang" in latest chapter on mics for drums, available as a free download.

The kick drum is the cornerstone of the kit. It puts the pop in pop music and is the one input that holds it all together. It’s the heartbeat of rock ‘n’ roll. With most input channels, the goal is to accurately recreate the original sound, but with a kick drum an ideal is constructed from the available material.

There are many options when it comes to capturing the kick.  In Optimizing Miking Of The Mighty Kick Drum. the second chapter in the new PSW Expert Series, Mark Frink, a veteran touring engineer who’s noted for his work with several top artists, addresses topics such as:

— Drum tuning

— Kick drum head approaches

— Microphone selection and options

— Multiple microphone techniques

— And more!

To learn more, download this FREE report today!

The ProSoundWeb Expert Series on Drum Microphones is presented by Audix, and features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.  Look for additional free chapters in the coming weeks with the goal of learning more about drum microphones.

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