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Glynn County Stadium in Brunswick, GA has been equipped with a new sound reinforcement system utilizing Electro-Voice MTS loudspeakers driven by Dynacord IPX amplifiers.

Glynn County Stadium In Georgia Upgrades With Electro-Voice & Dynacord

Integration firm AV East equips 12,000-seat home of two varsity football teams with MTS point-source loudspeakers and X12-128 subwoofers driven by IPX amplifiers and controlled by SONICUE software.

Glynn County Stadium in Brunswick, GA, the 12,000-seat home of both the Brunswick Pirates and the Glynn Academy Red Terrors varsity football teams, has been outfitted with an upgraded sound reinforcement system headed by Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics in an integration project by AV East, also located in Brunswick.

“The sports complex recently constructed a field house behind the stadium with an all-glass wall facing the football field,” explains Anthony Stubelek, owner of AV East. “The slapback off that wall was creating havoc with the sound from the existing system, installed along with the LED scoreboard a few years ago. It was time for something new.” While Stubelek was putting together options for the complex, his AV partner in the project, iMint Media, suggested that he consider the new Electro-Voice MTS loudspeakers, which they had heard at another stadium install.

“After researching them, it seemed like the MTS was exactly what we needed,” he continues. “I contacted my sales rep, Jordan Smith, with Sales Force & Associates, and walked him through our requirements. The point-source MTS checked all our boxes.”

Specifically, Smith recommended two MTS-4153-64, one for each side of the field, with low-end support provided by four Electro-Voice X12-128 dual-18-inch subwoofers. Dynacord IPX series amplifiers power the loudspeakers and subs.

The two weatherized MTS loudspeakers are mounted on the scoreboard with custom brackets designed and built by Stubelek. The selected MTS-4153-64 models combine four 15-inch woofers with dual coaxial mid/high compression drivers via a single waveguide in a design focused on cohesive output with a strong bass response. The four subs are located under the scoreboard on a custom platform – also designed by Stubelek – that keeps them out of the way of the rain “splash zone” and any standing water.

The Dynacord IPX multi-channel DSP amplifiers for fixed installation applications are equipped with OMNEO IP networking architecture, enabling Dante and OCA/AES70 networking. IPX series models also incorporate 96 kHz DSP joined by technologies for added energy efficiency and system protection. The two MTS boxes are powered by an IPX10:4 (with an output capacity of up to 10,000 watts across four channels), while the four X12-128 subwoofers are powered by an IPX20:4 (with a total output capacity of up to 20,000 watts). Stubelek has an additional IPX10:4 on site for redundancy purposes. The amplifiers are mounted in weatherproof, air-conditioned racks below the scoreboard.

“The first time I heard MTS loudspeakers was when we turned them on to commission the system,” Stubelek continues. “That was a great day. I was so impressed. The system sounded amazing.

“The MTS are as close to ‘sounding great out of the box’ as possible. When I logged into the Dynacord SONICUE Sound System Software and checked the EQ curve, it needed minimal adjustment, which is unusual in my experience as a touring FOH engineer and installer. The throw from each loudspeaker was exactly what Jordan and my computer models told me, in terms of distance and SPL. In addition, the option to have an Electro-Voice and Dynacord technician available to commission the system was a powerful selling point. Furthermore, the loudspeakers arrived ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend the entire package.”

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