Eventide Introduces The Mixing Link Mic Preamp With Effects Loop & Phantom Power

Makes guitar stompbox effects available to vocalists

Eventide has introduced The Mixing Link, a microphone preamp plus effects loop in a compact stompbox form factor that fits on a pedal board or in a backpack, and makes guitar stompbox effects available to vocalists.

“Our pedals were designed for guitar but most of the effects really work well for voice. The Mixing Link makes it rather easy for singers to connect to most guitar stompboxes and, with its high quality mic pre, it’s at home both on stage and in the studio,” said Tony Agnello of Eventide and Manifold Labs.


—Microphone preamplifier with FX Loop in a compact from factor

—FX Loop. Effects send/return accommodates balanced and unbalanced signals and interfaces with consoles or guitar pedals easily

—FX Footswitch. Latching or momentary footswitch control of effects loop for performance effects

—Works with a wide range of microphones including condenser and ribbon microphones with up to 65 dB of clean gain

—Aux I/O. Connection supporting stereo input and mobile device send level

—Guitar amp output and headphone monitor output with separate master volume control

—International universal 9-volt DC power supply included, or 9-volt battery

—48-volt phantom power for condenser microphones

—Balanced XLR output which supports DI and Line levels (-10 dB to +18 dBu)

—Instrument and balanced line level inputs (-10 dB to +18 dBu)

—Versatile mix control supports three modes of operation—100 percent microphone plus effects, microphone/effects balance (effects mix), and 100 percent FX (no microphone)

Shipping in December, The Mixing Link will be available from authorized Eventide dealers and at


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