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EAW Takes Center Stage At New Downtown Entertainment District Venue In Alabama

Amphitheater-style concert stage and pavilion in Trussville equipped with system utilizing ADAPTive Anna loudspeakers joined by SB828 subwoofers and MW12 MicroWedge monitors.
EAW Anna arrays flying left, center and right at the new concert venue in Trussville, AL.

A new downtown entertainment district in the city of Trussville, AL includes an amphitheater-style concert stage and pavilion equipped with a PA system utilizing EAW ADAPTive Anna loudspeakers joined by SB828 subwoofers and MW12 MicroWedge stage monitors.

The stage will host large concert performances and national touring acts for up to 2,500 spectators. A 27-foot-wide LED video wall will allow the stage to be used year-round for family movie nights, concert simulcasts and the screening of sports events, including football games.

ESB Group (Springfield, AL) managed the installation and worked closely with project consultants MediaMerge (Chelsea, AL). “We were called upon to help design an audio solution with a specific set of requirements from the city,” says Drew Breland, solutions architect/design engineer at ESB Group. “Having been a 10-year user of EAW equipment, we knew EAW’s Anna 3-way full-range ADAPTive array module PA system was going to be an ideal fit for this project.”

The main system incorporates 15 Anna modules (flown and arranged six left, three center, six right) and four SB828 subs (two per side, stacked on stage), with six MW12 MicroWedge monitors available for deployement on the stage. The system needed to meet SPL requirements, but with homes around the venue, it also needed tight pattern control.

“The EAW Anna was chosen ultimately because of its great sound quality along with its ability to change coverage on the fly,” says Breland. “The venue can shift from a small to a large crowd very easily and with the ADAPTive system, it only takes about one second to recall the preset and realize the change. With the ADAPTive system, the city can go from covering only the front area including the pavilion or throw sound all the way to the cross street. This is important because we are able to limit the amount of noise pollution to the surrounding areas.

“EAW has lots of products to fit any project scope, as was the case for the Trussville downtown entertainment district,” he concludes. “In addition, EAW’s design and commissioning team were amazing. John Mills from EAW did a great job tuning the system. EAW’s Resolution software made the process easy and quick, and we have heard nothing but good things from the community. They are excited to really use the space when the weather starts to warm up.”

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