deadmau5 Launches OSC/PAR Performance Tool Plugin

New AU/VST3 plugin for macOS and Windows broadcasts real-time musical events from any DAW into any OSC-capable client over a network.
A screenshot of the new OSC/PAR plugin from deadmau5.

Noted electronic music producer deadmau5 has announced his latest technical product, the OSC/PAR, an AU/VST3 plugin for macOS and Windows that broadcasts real-time musical events from any DAW into any OSC-capable client over a network, is now available.

The plugin sends out the user’s transport information, MIDI notes played, automation events and even the song list as they happen during live playback. Those events are converted to OSC messages that can be received in a VJ app or other musical devices for an interactive live session using Wi-Fi or a local network connection.

“OSC/PAR was originally developed as an essential need for a stage to FOH networking solution,” says deadmau5, a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman. “I’m actually pretty stoked to be sharing this with everyone as a handy little tool for all your DAW to OSC needs.”

For a full overview regarding connection, OSC address space, macros, MIDI, transport and song list XML, log on to OSC/PAR DOCS | OSC/PILOT. The OSC/PAR plugin retails for $19.99 and can be purchased here.

OSC/PAR accompanies OSC/PILOT, a bi-directional control surface application originally built as a performance tool for digital artists and musicians that was used for years by deadmau5 on tour as his control surface for shows.

Interoperability between the applications at the artist’s disposal (AbletonLive, TouchDesigner, MaxMSP, Processing, Bitwig, etc.) allows digital audio and visual artists to control the content of any space with data from any other space. OSC/PILOT aims to provide an easier way to build UIs for this control.

In addition, the huge amounts of display options gives the artists both their choice of canvas, as well as their choice of how to drive the content to that canvas. OSC/PILOT is a tool that’s designed to harness the interoperability and enable this kind of control. Go here to find out more about OSC/PILOT, and also be sure to check out the Signal To Noise podcast with deadmau5 where he discusses the role of technology in his creative process and his full-circle approach to crafting a unique audience experience exemplified in OSC/PILOT.


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