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Eastside Christian Church Finesses Acoustics With Meyer Sound Constellation

In addition to supplying variable acoustics, Constellation also lends a sense of small-room intimacy

Constructed inside the shell of a vacated Boeing Defense Systems plant, Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, CA is centered on a 1,765-seat worship auditorium.

A Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system and a MICA line arrays were recently installed at the venue to provide flexible sonic enhancement for Eastside’s contemporary worship band and musical events.

In addition to supplying variable acoustics, Constellation also helps lend a sense of small-room intimacy to the teaching segments of senior pastor Gene Appel and others.

“The main benefit of Constellation is that we can finesse it. We’re not locked into a permanent acoustical decision as we would have been with a fixed acoustical ceiling,” says Chris Gille, Eastside CTO and chief systems engineer.

Gille says Constellation’s effect on the room is strikingly apparent: “Just talking with the default settings on, the room feels alive, yet controlled.”

At the core of Eastside’s Constellation system is a D-Mitri digital audio platform comprising three DVRAS processors for the three acoustical zones, plus six additional processors for core processing and analog input/output.

Thirty-two miniature microphones are deployed for ambient sensing of the physical acoustics. Constellation is also supported by a total of 80 HMS-10 cinema surround, MM-4XP, and Stella-8C installation loudspeakers, and eight M1D-Sub subwoofers. In addition, loudspeakers in the sound reinforcement system are utilized.

Eastside’s Constellation system allows the main reinforcement system to automatically adjust the Constellation-generated reverberation time in response to the level of amplified sound in the room. This new capability was conceived by Gille.

“When the desk drives the mix to a certain threshold, Constellation subtly pulls back the strength parameter,” Gille explains. “When the mix is loud, the room dries up just a touch, helping to clarify detail and widening the stereo image from the main arrays.”

The sound reinforcement component features main left and right hangs of eight-each MICA line array loudspeakers, supplemented by a total of 10 additional UPQ-1P, UPQ-2P, and UPJunior VariO loudspeakers. Four 700-HP subwoofers are placed under the stage. The entire system is controlled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors.

Feeding the front end of the system is an Avid D-Show digital console. Wireless microphone systems are Shure UHF-R, with seven handhelds and seven beltpacks equipped with DPA and Countryman headset mics. Six channels of Shure PSM900 wireless IEMs supplement both an Avid VENUE Personal Q and an Aviom personal monitor mixing system.

AV, lighting, acoustics, and room design consultant for the project was Dallas-based Acoustic Dimensions. TC Furlong of Lake Forest, IL both supplied the Meyer Sound Constellation and reinforcement system and participated in the system’s design process and commissioning. System integration was provided by AMT Systems of Santa Clarita, CA.

Eastside Christian Church was established in nearby Fullerton in 1962. Soon after Appel’s arrival in 2008, the church outgrew its former building and moved to its current location—a former defense plant reconstructed as a center for a creative and forward-looking worshipping community.

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